Friday, June 27, 2008

Get your Pride on!

This bitch hopes to see some of y’all locals out at Tower Grove Park this weekend for Pridefest 2008!

I’ll be at the one with the Afro (wink) at various locations Saturday and Sunday, including the PROMO booth.

Where? Tower Grove Park (South City, baby!!)

The Damage? Child, I though you knew! Pride is free and open to the public.When? Saturday June 28th and Sunday June 29th - Parade Saturday at noon & Pet Parade Sunday at noon (no, the sorta-beagles will not be there…trust a bitch, my life has enough drama without adding a beagle social hour to the mix!).

Note – there is strong rumor that trifling protestors will be out in force. Anticipate that they will demonstrate an extreme lack of home training that may tax your last lavender nerve…but let’s all agree to not let a bunch of ig’nant assholes piss in our Corn Flakes.



Happy Pride, y’all!


Anonymous said...

Happy Pride, Ms. Shark-fu!
I'll be shaking my tail feathers here in NYC.

Anonymous said...

Really? The protesters in earlier years have been fairly pathetic. They must be coming en masse for the mass commitment ceremony and to give shit to the co-Grand Marshall.

This suggests that parade watchers better claim the good spots on the route, early. Make the protesters be the second row and be less visible / photographable.

I might pay good money to see a pastor-a-thon between Protesting Minister and one of the MCC pastors.


Unknown said...

OOPS the Pet Parade is Saturday at noon and the Pride Parade is Sunday at noon

Anonymous said...

Happy Pride, ABB and C-Money!

Joan and I will be laying down the groove in NYC! (Juno just wants chicken and a stick.)

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