Friday, May 16, 2008

A victory for choice in Missouri!

From Planned Parenthood Affiliates in Missouri
You've reached out to Governor Matt Blunt and the anti-choice extremists in Jefferson City. You have signed petitions, organized, tabled, and gone to Jefferson City to lobby legislators – you have done critically important work in protecting women's health.

Today, your work paid off. You helped to defeat the Abortion Restriction Act of 2008!

Every year for the past 5 years, the Missouri Legislature has passed restrictive bills or eliminated programs that could have reduced the need for abortion services through family planning and sex education. This year, you defeated their sixth attempt.

Not only did you fight and win against the Abortion Restriction bill of 2008, but you also laid to rest this year's effort by David Reardon to put a dangerous, anti-choice ballot initiative on the ballot in November!

On behalf of the thousands of Missouri women, men, and teens who rely on Planned Parenthood's services, thank you! Soon, we will update you on where your legislators stood on reproductive rights this session, but for now, rest assured that your work has paid off.

Thank you for continuing to stand up for choice!
And thank you to the folks at Planned Parenthood who work tirelessly to protect and defend choice in Missouri!


Anonymous said...

You Missourians are just kicking butt all over the place. Congrats!

Unknown said...'s been a very productive day. I'm so used to losing on important issues. This is just great....all your news today

Yankee, Transferred said...

Memphis is just.not.that.far from Missouri. You're about to make me jump the border. I fear it will be decades before I can be as proud of my state as you are of yours right now. Congrats on all the great stuff: the abortion stuff, the voter i.d. stuff, and mostly the Wash U stuff. I'm proud of all-o-y'all.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

I love it when people like you who really do know how to keep it real celebrate the good stuff. Sometimes it's hard to see the good stuff that happens all around us with all the shit that gets dumped around. We all need to look around once-in0awhile and appreciate the good stuff just to keep sane. . . then get back to the hell raisin.
It's been a good couple of days here at ABBs place!

faboo mama said...

Between this and voter ID thing, I am incredibly proud of my birth state. Congrats to you all.

a.eye said...

There is still a lot to fix in MO, but, these are two very positive things happening here. And hopefully they will impact other parts of the nation, too.

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