Tuesday, May 13, 2008

By request, friends don’t let friends award honorary degrees to Phyllis Schalfly…

Washington University will be handing over an honorary degree to Phyllis fucking Schlafly.

What the fuck are you thinking, people?

Of all the freaks in the world to honor you pick this one?!?


Hold up and wait a minute!

There may be an opportunity for Wash. U. to get out of this and just look like a bunch of assholes.

See, a bitch is pretty sure Phyllis is against universities.



I’m serious!

The woman is about as anti-intellectual you can get…personally, a bitch thinks she’s worthy of reclassification as an Australopithecine but that’s for another post.

Anyhoo, odds are that sanctimonious throw-back will decline the honorary degree.

Come to think of it, I can’t think of an angle she could use to justify accepting it!

Wash. U. offers a domestic partner benefit program. Lawd knows Schlafly is seriously allergic to equality in the workplace. Accepting an honorary degree from a university that extends benefits to same-sex partners may throw her rancid ass into some sort of equality shock!

Wash. U. employs women.


Given her history that alone should kill the deal.

And Wash. U. has a Women and Gender studies program too. Unacceptable in the Land of Schlafly!

Last but not least…

Wash. U. has an Anthropology program…pause to increase the drama…and they teach the chil’ren about EVOLUTION there (gasp)!

Mmmhmm, the only way Phyllis Schlafly can accept an honorary degree from Wash. U. is if she’s a complete hypocritical fraud who promotes hate for personal gain and not out of misplaced moral conviction.

So...has she turned it down yet?

***cue crickets***


Anonymous said...


I just can't believe this. If I was faculty there I'd be raising holy hell.

AOB said...

Sorry but it's actaully WORSE.

Phyllis received her BA , Phi Beta Kappa from Washington University in St. Louis at the tender age of 19. She received her master of arts from RADCLIFFE in 1945 and her JD (jurisprudence - law degree) from Washington U in 1978.

Honorary degree? For what? She needs an honorary degree like a june bug needs panty hose.

Anonymous said...

membracid, the faculty is raising hell.

But this is Wash-U, after all. A billion-dollar conservative wolf in "progressive" non-profit sheep's clothing if there ever were one.

Anonymous said...

It's worse, people. Check out today's LTE in the Post Dispatch. (9/13/08)

She touts herself as working through college at an arms factory (probably Olin, in East St. Louis region, makes small caliber ammo). Rosie the Riveter, in other words.

Less known to people is that she currently has a radio program on education, broadcast on conservative radio station(s), locally KSIV-FM 91.5, 11 or 11:30 AM on Saturday. The basic gist is that all public schools suck irretrievably, home schooling is the best, and buy her phonics teaching materials. Some of her guests start out making sensible comments but all end up with some educational or religious wingnuttery. I actually like listening to it occasionally, just to find out what the next crop of college/graduate students will have in their experience. Gaaaaaaaaaah!


Ari Rabkin said...

I think it's startling how fast you reach for name-calling, of an unusually vile sort, rather than giving any actual argument. Calling people "throwbacks" and "Australopithecine" dehumanizes your opponents, and that makes you sound like a bigot.

I used to be sympathetic to the left, but I truly don't see this sort of namecalling on the intellectual right, and I think that's a telling sign.

Anonymous said...

When I first read of this,Shark-fu was my first thought.
For those of us far from St. Louis,
what does this say about Washinton University?
As Missouri becomes more of a 'swing' state these things attract a more focused scutiny.
The mention of Olin in the above comment puts things in perspective.
Is Washington attempting to become Stanford on the Mississippi?
Honorary degees are transitory, the true test would be whether after having read the University mission and motto, Phyllis Schafly comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

For a person that believes that women belong in the home, she certainly spends alot of time outside of hers.

Shark-Fu said...


I used "throwback" (and Australopithecine as an example-ish reference to "throwback") because that's exactly what Phyllis Schlafly is. She is the very definition of a throwback and even she doesn't argue that she doesn't want turn back time.

As for my argument...well I find it ridiculous to answer nonsense with nuance.

The tragedy is not that I used such language...rather, it is that such language applies to this person.


Shhh said...

I was really hoping that was a joke. I don't even know what to think about that.

AOB said...

Ariel said:

"I used to be sympathetic to the left, but I truly don't see this sort of namecalling on the intellectual right, and I think that's a telling sign."

Well Ariel I suppose you have not listened to Ann Coulter. Perhaps some understanding of the SUBJECTIVE nature of the post by the ABB would have helped you to understand that Ms. Schalflys' beliefs were under scrunity here not her personally.Calling a public figure to accountability is not mean...it's what we are required to do as American citizens.

Another poster made notice of the fact that Ms. Schalflys' focus is on women being in the home while she spends little time there herself. For me, listening to her drivel, it seems like she has been paid by the some misogynist male dominated right wing cult to spread the message to women of being married, continually pregnant (read militant fecundity)and uneducated.

Anonymous said...

I used to be sympathetic to the left, but I truly don't see this sort of namecalling on the intellectual right, and I think that's a telling sign.


Listened to Limbaugh or Hannity lately? Or McCain's buddy Hagee? Limbaugh is calling for freaking riots at the Dem Convention in Denver. I'd say that's far, far worse.

I'm a full time mom, and can't stand Schlafly..

Anonymous said...

Ariel: you took the blue pill, didn't you?

Anonymous said...

I really feel like Wash U. needs to be hit in the pocketbook. Have the student body and the alumni declare "if you devalue my Wash U degree by bestowing an honorary degree on someone so anti-intellectual as Phyliss Schlafly, I will not be contributing to the alumni association in the future."

Anonymous said...

...IS there an intellectual right? Hannity and Coulter just don't make that cut for me.

Anonymous said...

Um, wasn't it Anne Coulter who called John Edwards a faggot? And Rush Limbaugh who publicly mocked Michael J. Fox for having Parkinson's disease? And Coulter (again) who called the 9/11 widows greedy bitches who wanted their husbands dead? And Dick Cheney who told a US Senator to go fuck himself? And didn't the folk over at Little Green Footballs call Rachel Corrie "St. Pancake" after she was run over by a bulldozer? And....

Enough. Right wing rhetoric is pure poison. The ABB's characterization of Phyllis Schlafly is *mild* compared to the above.

ripley said...

Ariel - you come to the site called "Angry Black Bitch" and cluck about the language? perhaps you were looking for "the maiden of deep complexion with on eyebrow slightly raised"

anyway I can't believe this either, and can't figure out who Wash U is courting by giving a degree to a woman who thinks women shouldn't get degrees.

Unknown said...

I love this blog. The Comments section is usually as good as the post :)

As for Ms. Phyllis...may she find the bird of liberalism shitting in her coiffure. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey ABB! I knew Schlafly was old, but Australopithicene? Now THAT'S OLD!


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