Thursday, May 08, 2008

A toast from this hard-working American…

It’s 11pmish in The House of Bitchitude.

C-Money has logged on to do some more work and this bitch is still working too.


At some point my brain registered the follow quote from Senator Clinton citing an AP poll in an interview with USA Today "that found how Senator Obama's support among working, hard-working Americans, white Americans, is weakening again, and how whites in both states who had not completed college were supporting me."


"There's a pattern emerging here," Clinton added.

Oh honey, that pattern has emerged…it is out of the closet and leading the parade!

For the record, this hard working American is tired as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.

The sad thing is I can’t even be insulted because I’ve lost respect for this woman, her candidacy and the entire Clinton legacy.

This shit is just pathetic and embarrassing to those of us who wasted our loyalty in response to what has been revealed to be a clever two-term pander to secure our lesser than equal and not quite desirable yet somehow still capable of making the difference between Clinton/Gore and Dole/Kemp black votes.

Yeah, I voted for her husband…twice.

Clearly I played myself…twice (wince).

But oh honey child the lesson has been learned…big time.

So I lift this vodka cran in a toast to the most amazing free fall from inspiring politician to complete gaping asshole of my lifetime.

You’ve come a long way baby will forever have new meaning…


Anonymous said...

Not to in any way interfere with your exercise of the fundamental human right to drink up at the realization that you've been hoodwinked, but I see this particular pander as an honest compliment to your discernment.

I think the desperate and pathetic attempt to squeak out an extra .79% in Appalachia, at the expense of the most loyal part of the Democratic base, says a mouthful.

It says that we all know black people are way too wise to the ways of the hegemonic power structure to vote for Republicans, no matter what.

As contrasted to working-class whites, who have proven over and over that [we] are collectively too dumb to keep our eyes on the shell with the pea under it.

Let’s face it, the existence of a ‘Reagan Democrat’ shows that my people are, what’s the word, ignorant. The voters of KY and WV, and I have one parent hailing from each of those centers of human stupidity, have earned the contempt for their loyalty and judgment that this type of pandering shows.

Yes, it’s insulting, but I think it’s insulting toward the intelligence of 'hard-working whites'--not the work ethic of blacks. She thinks my folks down home are so backward that they might vote for McCain because the other guy isn't white, and that says a lot about them because it is the damn truth.

It's embarrassing as hell, though. It's got that 'creepy uncle who lives in the basement' factor, you know? Yeah, he's your relative, but you don't have to call him to dinner when the cool kids are over after school. Because some things are best kept private.

E. Bunny said...


You missed a memo. According to the comments on news sites, it's reverse racism to view Hillary's reaching out to white folk any differently than her visiting black churches. Of course, I don't see how her approach is the reverse of anything. Seems like an old and well worn path in a familiar direction to me.


Yes, I too raise my glass.

This is to the spineless leaders in the democratic party who haven't called her on this type of crap.

I for one would like to see Hillary visit a Confederate monument in Kentucky. That should solidify her neo-con status.

Jackie G. said...

I had to read her comments twice just to make sure I hadn't read them wrong then I sat back and wondered what the heck she was thinking?

I've tried to make sense of Hillary at this point and I realize that i can't.

Anonymous said...

Pandering to the Klanservatives is the centerpiece of Hill's campaign. She's been doing it for awhile now.

Watching Hill try to pretend to be a "reglar gal" is almost as funny as Chimpy's "reglar guy" routine. Neither of them ever knew a day of want in their miserable lives.

Anonymous said...

The best part is when you combine this statement with the one her campaign manager whatever said on NPR, (I'm paraphrasing) that black voters will vote Democrat no matter what.

someone wake me from this nightmare.

billie said...

um- don't all republicans pander to the 25-30%? isn't that a rovian tactic? Hmmmmm.............

you've come a long way baby indeed- or perhaps since she was a youthful republican she is coming home again?

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Never has a political person fallen so fast from grace and garneredso much ill-will over such a shirt period of time. Billary has gone from being America's first black president to just another one of the "good ol boys."
The words of my wife:
My vote was Hillary's to lose. She lost it.

Anonymous said...

It just seems to me that she's overly tired. This is the kind of "slicing and dicing" that I think goes on in all campaign headquarters. Then someone comes out with a nice TV ad conveying this exact thing, only not in words - in video and in ways that make it sound all patriotic and stuff. If anyone says the actual WORDS, it's the independent pollsters, or possibly the campaign person - right before they resign.

Hillary's problem is that she's the candidate, and she said the actual words, out loud, on tape. Whether it's worth changing anyone's vote over - that's up to the individuals. But she just seems really tired, in a way that Obama does not. As for what was said, I think that's just politics. People are not people - they're demographics. And she's made the mistake of pulling back the curtain that shields this slicing and dicing classification activity from ordinary voters that don't care to try to look behind it.

Anonymiss said...

She's a truly pathetic woman. Does she really wanna go out like this?

LiberalDemDave said...

bill and, as a by-product, $hill need to have their "honorary black cards" irrevocably revoked.

i can almost feel a $hillary/LIEberman 3rd party ticket forming. creeps me the f*ck right out.

whatsername said...

Raising my glass with you Shark-fu.

Went into this thing saying "I could vote for either of them!" to now hitting my head on my desk every other time she opens her mouth.

PortlyDyke said...

black voters will vote Democrat no matter what.

This is the shit that bothers me the most -- the thought that candidates pull this crap and expect us to just follow along because we are so desperate to end the Bushit.

Even if (and it's a HUGE if, imo) it was the product of Clinton's fatigue -- it's no less disturbing to me -- because when people are tired and "make mistakes", they usually reveal their underlying attitudes.

But it's difficult-to-impossible for me to entertain such an "if" -- because I know the inside of campaigns, and know too well exactly how this crap works.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

To lessons learned. Shark-Fu: Here's to you...clink.

Verdant said...

I was once a Clinton supporter. Her strategy of divide and conquer really saddens me.

ChristopherM said...

The second most bizarre thing about her assertions (because really, what can be more bizarre than people who know better making such dumbass comments?) is that her claim about white voters doesn't matter because Democrats who run for president do not win white voters. That includes her husband. Democrats win on a coalition of some white folks, a lot of women, the gays, and a shitload of black folks who are among the most loyal and consistent voters in the electorate. And it is about damn time those folks got some credit for what they've done. Progressive white voters ought to be kissing some black ass, offering to chauffeur them to the polls and to rub their feet afterward. It is the least we can do after they save our asses time after time just by showing up and making their voices heard. Instead we stand by while the Clintons dismiss their votes as not being important enough to really matter. Someone with a big ole cane with a hook on the end needs to drag those two fools off the damn stage. It is time.

jsb16 said...

I was driving when I heard that comment of Hillary's and damned near got into an accident due to fury. This playing to divisions shit has fucking got to stop. And really? The folks who won't vote for a black man because he's black aren't all that likely to vote for a white woman, because they're sexist, as well as racist.

Someone on NPR's All Things Considered said that campaigns do this sort of slicing and dicing all the time, but the candidate should never be the one to say them. I wish we had an election system that didn't encourage focusing on the fickle middle, but winner-take-all is all about that tiny fraction of the voters...

Anonymous said...

wow, the term "Billary" actually showed up on this site? sad, and distressed, i am. the woman is not her husband, and voting for Bill does not mean you'd be well served (or not well served) voting for Hill.

but to conflate the woman with her husband? sexist crap. her campaign being shite doesn't reflect on Bill's presidency any more than his extra-marital activities reflect on her campaign.

E. Bunny said...

Anonymous Hillary is Billary by choice. She hitched her wagon to his Presidency. Bill's term was the "experience" that she tried to lord over Obama.

Hillary was running as Mrs. Bill Clinton until Bill became a liability.

Bill's campaign activities DO reflect on his presidency because he was clearly insincere. People who really believe in the things that he claimed to believe in would NEVER utter the words "race card" in the context in which he did.

Of course, I figured out Bill ago when my family woke up early to see him give a speech in Selma, AL.
My husband was excited because he was a big supporter. We wanted our young son to see this president, so we drove out of our way, went through security, and we waited for a few hours in the hot Alabama sun, suffering through "pre-show" performances that nobody sould have to see.

Less than 15 minutes into the speech, I turned to my folks and said, "Let's go to KFC. We might as well embraced the stereotype and at least, get something to eat."

Moment's later, I sat shaking my head over my extra-crispy thigh and drumstick. I wasn't listening to it anymore.

Hillary pulled the same shenanigans in Selma earlier this year. Instead of repeating James Cleveland's "I don't Feel no Ways Tired," she should've been echoing Clara Ward song..."How I got Over."

Anonymous said...

Billary, Shillary, Hillapatine, Borg Queen, racist, sexist, dismissive, vote tampering, dog whistler, tired, pathetic, irrelevant, jealous, rude, ungracious, selfish. Calling it as one sees it. Telling the truth no matter how ugly is a good thing. Lying and mistaking excuses does a disservice. Seriously how many people are voting for Hillary just for Hillary and not because she's a woman from a specific generation that other women her age group relate to? Or white? Or owes her something or has been promised something? Or has other 'issues'? Or cherry picks what appeals to them while ignoring a LOT of unsavory behavior and history? How many people think they're getting 2-for-1 as had been stated at the beginning of Bill's 1st run for the white house all those years ago? By Hillary herself! How much has Hill done ON HER OWN that is COMPLETELY separate from BILL, other than dodging sniper fire? Didn't she say she had 35 years experience, most of which consists of her marriage to Bill and all the access that entails? How did she get her Senate seat? Why is it so difficult to accept that status was acquired the old-fashioned way: by sleeping with it or being born into it? What examples in history can you point to where power has been shared instead of being held by some, passed to others of their choosing and viciously fought against for someone outside of that group or family to gain access to it? WAKE UP! That's the way this country has always worked - aside from those pesky few years when those people who wanted to be free enslaved others for free labor and the financial windfall it produced to you this country and set laws that said they were 3/5 of a white person. Why do you supposed even today there are 35 white female Senators but only 3 black Senators and they are male. Hmmmm. Do you ever question these things? If she had been Hillary Smith some obscure lawyer do you honestly think she'd in a position to run for President? Do you know who Cynthia McKinney is? If not...why not? Don't you do RESEARCH in selected who you support for elected office or do you go with NAME RECOGNITION from someone who has coincidentally married to a man who know President? Think about it and get back to us will you?

Anonymous said...

I too raise my glass, and simply say, she is a 60 yr old white woman who started as a Goldwater Republican. How much new ish are we going to get on the hill from this? I am deeply disappointed in Bill and am glad that I always thought Al was the hot one. But maybe Toni Morrison wants a retraction on calling him the first Black President, maybe the first Passing President?

Homer said...

Someone forgot to tell Ms. Clinton the iceberg hit the boat a while back.

Someone commented on Andrew Sullivan's blog that Clinton is pulling a Bush- won't admit the war is lost, never admits to a mistake, will drag this out until it can't be dragged out any longer.

PuckFinn said...

1. I love your blog.
My GF recommended that I stop on by here a few months back and it's been one of the best gifts that she's ever given me.

2. I love this post and I just want to thank you because it finally made me start thinking concretely about how I felt about the whole thing.

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