Monday, May 19, 2008


Happy Monday!

A bitch went shopping this weekend.


That’s a huge statement coming from this bitch!

I hate to shop for anything other than food, books or funktified Afro adornments so seeing me hit the shops is a rare sight indeed.

Anyhoo, a bitch needed some new lipstick and a pair of comfy sandals for the summer season soon to come. That meant a trip to the MAC Store (happy, happy, happy followed by joy times three!!) and…ummm, I had no fucking idea where else to go.


Oh, I know where to go to get the same shoes I wore to the ground last year. But for some reason I decided I needed to shop around and make sure my feet weren't missing out on the shoe experience of a lifetime. Since C-Money got my shopping gene, I asked her where a bitch could find a large selection of comfy shoes and, of course, she insisted on joining me.

Off to the MAC Store we went!

Ah, there’s nothing like a new signature shade to pick a bitch’s mood up. Underworld has been replaced by Media! Oh, and a tube of Film Noir too for contrast.


Following our MAC-based indulgence we hit several shops where I did my best to try to find some new style of shoe that would destroy my reputation for buying the same shit year after year.

Alas a bitch ended up settling on a new pair of comfy sandals that look like the cousins of the pair I wore into the ground last year.


Fuck it.

My feet are happy (wink).


Limecrete said...

Off to the MAC Store we went!

I hope you were able to get enough foundation to continue the illusion that you're black. After all, we all know that you're really a white dude (*wink*).

Shark-Fu said...

Damn it Crete!

Just when that rumor had settled down...

Oh who am I kidding, the 'ABB is really a white man' rumor is one of my favorites!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! I just bought the same pair of cheap sandals as last year. No cousins here...twins!

Anonymous said...

While C-Money does like to shop, she's not quite the marathon runner I am. You shoulda called!

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