Monday, May 12, 2008

Protect the vote in Missouri!

This bitch was in Columbia over the weekend for the Missouri Democratic Convention.

I’ll get to that in a bit, but I wanted to bring to everyone's attention the fact that the same fucked up from the floor up Voter ID drama that resulted in nuns being denied the vote in Indiana is on the table here in Missouri.

The Missouri House passed a measure (shame, shame and more shame!!) that would require proof of citizenship through photo identification and Senators are meeting today to see if there is anyway to reach a compromise.

The vote is our power and that is why those who seek to silence the people seek to suppress the vote. This isn't about protecting the vote from outside forces...this is about protecting those in power from the vote!

The Missouri Supreme Court has stated that there are no known instances of people trying to impersonate voters at the ballot booth. So Republicans who argue that there is a perception of voter fraud are full of shit.

I’m a Missourian and the only sinister force I fear is attempting to highjack elections here is the Missouri Republican Party!

Please, please, please take a moment and call your Missouri State Senator and tell them to protect the vote by killing this measure. If you don’t have their contact information simply click here and type your zip code in where it says Legislator Lookup.

Lawd, it’s a sad day in Missouri when the people have to have their rights protected from the Senate…



achoiceofweapons said...

Great post, but keep watch on the democrats too because while the republicans are open with their nonsense, there is nothing worse than standing by and doing nothing to stop it something the democrats have been doing all too often. Any parties that stands by and let's it happen, needs to ousted period! Great post!

Unknown said...

I am old enough to remember the talk after WWII about people in Europe and USSR being stopped by police and having to carry papers to prove who they were. And we were given this example in grade school to illustrate our freedom. This is exactly what is happening here starts with this kind of crap

AOB said...

Photo ID to prove citizenship?

That means a US Passport. A Drivers License or State issued ID does not provide citizenship info only ID.

good grief!

Shark-Fu said...

You got it in one, AOB.

An official birth certificate and state id may hold...maybe.

But a passport is the only photo id I can think of that can serve as proof ofcitizenship.

billie said...

welcome to new america. but not improved.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

"’s a sad day in Missouri when the people have to have their rights protected from the Senate…"

Ain't that the truth. These old predatory dinosaurs keep changing the rules to avoid inevitable change - their extinction of getting kicked out of office by the young who see them for what they are. Lawd I hope to live to see that day come.

AOB said...

The fun part many people have a passport? If everyone in Missouri needs a passport to vote...the processing time will stretch to years with all of the Homeland Security stuff applicants have to go through these days. You can't just get one need to provide information on WHEN your trip is. Putting "so mjy ass can have ID to vote" will not cut it.

So it's a classic 'catch 22' situation.

My ass feels like its standing in a crowd waiting to be loaded onto a rail car bound for only God knows where.....yeah the new america....where history repeats itself.

Anonymous said...

Passports cost at minimun $53.00 (slowest service), plus the cost of the photos, which run 15-20 bucks. On the other hand, they are good for 10 years.

Even to get a birth certificate costs anywhere from 0 to 50 bucks.

Poor people don't have 68 bucks to pay for a license to vote! Poll tax, plain and simple.


jsb16 said...

Apparently they've come out with a new "passport card," with shorter processing times, a smaller fee, and validity only in North America and the Caribbean. Because, you know, we need another layer of confusion, bureaucracy, and paperwork (and fees!) in the system.

Oh, and aren't the detention camps already Halliburton-built? Just in case of massive waves of illegal immigrants fleeing some unnamed cause?

PortlyDyke said...

My primary work for over a decade was with low-income seniors and disabled folk. Most of whom had long since stopped bothering with a drivers license.

These laws make me absolutely rage-filled.

Unknown said...

Great post, thank you. I was appalled when the Supreme Court upheld the Voter ID law. I hope MO has a better outcome.

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