Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Flying: Confessions of a Free Woman…

A bitch is addicted to Doc Day on the Sundance Channel.

I love it!

Every Monday they show documentary films and they usually debut one on Monday nights.

Did I mention that I love Doc Day?

Anyhoo, a certain someone sent this bitch an e-mail with a heads-up about a documentary series airing on Sundance that I probably should have told you about yesterday but…well, a bitch is busy and you chil’ren know how to use the internets.

Flying: Confessions of a Free Woman is a 6 part series that investigates the issues that women face throughout the word today: balancing work and family, abortion, infertility and IVF, sexual abuse, Female Genital Mutilation, sex-trafficking and self-determination among many other issues.

A bitch caught episodes 1 and 2 and I am hooked! Jennifer Fox is the subject/narrator/director/creative force behind this fascinating exploration of life. The first 2 episodes were strangely foreign and I didn’t expect them to be. My life is so removed from Fox’s life that I found myself not relating to her…but then I was dragged back because she’s just so fascinating.

Fox (in her early 40’s) agonizes of whether to have a baby and then says that if she were ever to have a baby she’d have to confront her ambivalence towards motherhood. A bitch isn’t a parent…unless you count my sorta-beagles…so I’m confused as hell by this. Does Fox want to have a baby but not be a parent? ‘Cause that’s do-able. Or is she scared that having a baby will change her, which is a different thing altogether?

See, that’s the kind of shit that is layered in on top of Fox’s relationship with a married lover and relationship with another lover she doesn’t love...her friends and their perspective and input...and the folks she works with all over the world.


Anyhoo, a bitch plans to watch the rest of the series…I’m pretty sure I’d break out into hives if I missed it, I’m so anxious to know what the hell happens…and the nice folks at Zohe Films are offering all y’all a 15% discount on all DVD orders of the film.


Just visit the store here, select the DVD and enter the coupon code - AFLYNPO15.

Viva la documentary!


lilalia said...

If you like documentaries, you might like to partake of this wonderful event this coming Saturday.


Laura in L.A. said...

ABB, we live in parallel universes, I swear. I too love documentaries and I happened onto this one last night by chance. I also didn't relate to Fox for a number of reasons, but I was totally hooked. All her women friends around the world seemed so interesting--I wanted to know all about their lives. Thanks to you, I now know that there are 4 more "episodes!" Yay!

Laura :):):)

SagaciousHillbilly said...

I don't get Sundance, but I do get the Documentary Channel that is full of good edumacashunal stuff.

I'm just all about OmamaRama today. After a week of watching the MSM gang up on him with nonissues and listening to them talk endlessly about Billary's rising numbers, resurgence, comeback and possible coup, it was a glorious night.

Is it possible that the proles are waking up?

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