Thursday, March 06, 2008

A quizzical…

This bitch is still following the Ricin Found in Las Vegas Hotel Room story. So far the CDC has confirmed that the substance found is ricin…the individual believed to be connected to the ricin remains hospitalized...and weapons along with a notebook being described as “anarchist” in nature were found in the hospitalized man’s hotel room. The man’s illness has not yet been linked to ricin exposure and Salt Lake City FBI agents are investigating who the man is and what connection his cousin's home in Riverton may or may not have to this ricin-based drama.

A man is discovered ill in his hotel room with weapons, an “anarchist” type notebook and a certain amount of ricin and this shit is being investigated as a public safety issue? According to authorities there is no criminal investigation going on at this time. No charges have been filed and no indictments have been handed down.

Okay, but doesn't ricin equal criminal...or is that just in certain cases for certain people?

When this story broke it was reported from jump as ‘not terrorism’ (the new terrorism defined in the media as Islamic, well funded and organized) as if there is no such thing as domestic terrorism and as if this nation has never encountered the devastation of domestic terrorism. So when authorities find ricin, weapons and anti-government literature in certain people’s dwellings it is immediately called terrorism. But when other people are found with the same kind of shit it doesn’t even warrant a special episode of Dateline.

I guess that would be cool if there weren’t Americans conspiring to do harm to America. But there are. The tragedy in Oklahoma City should have taught us that. This bitch thinks this failure to freak has a lot to do with who The Man sees as threatening. Well, maybe they aren’t threatened by some citizen loner in a hotel room cooking up ricin, but this bitch is!


Which takes me back to this Ricin Found in Las Vegas Hotel Room story and what may be a simple case of one individual playing with fire and getting burned…or it may be something more serious being investigated as a public safety issue because the person under investigation’s last name is Bergendorff not Hussein.



Anonymous said...

But we all know that white christians are all good people and never commit crimes and certainly aren't terrorists. Why do you hate America so much, Shark-fu?

[tongue planted firmly in cheek]

It drives me insane that white people continue to be given the benefit of the doubt over and over and over again, not just in stupidly obvious cases like this one, but at every level of criminal behavior. Meanwhile the FBI is actively entrapping my people because they can't find enough of us who are actually really and truly doing wrong.

But you know. Whites are all about fairness and logic, and that's why we can't elect Obama. Because it would be "a black thig and it's going to be all blacks for blacks".

Anonymous said...

Capsicum: and that would be why so
many ppl of other races, including
whites, have stood up for Obama?

I'm not sure what it is about, but
agree that anyone with any sense should fear the Ricin effects..shaking head as to why
it wasn't important?? Media afraid of 'panic'??

Anonymous said...

L. Jackson: Not sure what you're saying there. Numerous people of many races have stood up for Obama. But did you check out my link? Racist whites pulling this "I'm not racist but. . ." bs, saying that they can't vote for Obama because electing him would make this country "all black for blacks." That shit assumes that white=default and white people = always fair and unbiased. Which we all know is false.

As for the ricin, anyone making ricin in a hotel room needs to be investigated for sure. My cynical side says the only reason this guy isn't under criminal investigation is 'cause he's white.

KayInMaine said...

The guy who had the ricin was a loner. The CIA loves loners! Oh yes. He could have been easily manipulated (and paid) to do something like this, meaning, to poison our water supply or whatever intention he had without anyone noticing, because well, not many people know him.

Yesterday there was a bomb that went off in Times Square. Another CIA hit? Could be. They want to help the White House in convincing the Congress that Americans need to give up more of their rights to make themselves safe. See? There are no accidents with the Bush Regime. It's allllllllll intentional!

Anonymous said...

As Chris Rock said, "I'm not scared of Al Qaeda, I'm scared of Al Cracka'!

Anonymous said...

No kidding; shooting up, blowing up, and burning down women's health clinics, anyone?

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