Thursday, November 30, 2006

What your boo don't know...

A bitch hates to drive in the rain...or in the you know my ass can't stand driving in the rain-based snowish shit the St. Louis sky is currently squirting.

Fuck it all, winter is here.


Y'all be safe...some people drive crazy!


What your boo don't know...
Whenever my ass gets anxious whilst driving this bitch likes to put on hip hop music and play it loud as hell. For some reason it relaxes me...or maybe its that it distracts me. Anyhoo, I was driving home because our office closed early due to weather drama and this song came on the radio.

Note - a bitch's cd player is busted...and my ass is stuck with the radio when driving...and if I ever find the motherfucker who came up with the 24/7 holiday music idea this bitch is going to correct the hell out of him or her!


So, this song stuck to the typical formula...good beat, heavy bass and lots of unnecessary vocal scales. The lyrics were so random they made me wince. Then came the chorus.

What your girl don't know wont hurt her.

Distraction granted!

What the fuck? I kept listening and there is was again...what your boo don't know can't hurt her.


Lawd, give me strength!

What your boo don't know may hurt her...may remain with her for life and may kill her...or him.

Fucking has consequences...beyond the possibility of a baby.

My sisters and brothers, HIV/AIDS is our disease. We need to own it...understand it...and discuss it openly with friends, lovers and family. HIV/AIDS is our is in our community and maybe even in our home.

The problem isn't music or's that lately entertainment is the only thing out there discussing sex. Sex has been removed from sex education...prevention has been replaced by the school of abstinence or death...and the same parents who don't know shit are now trying to educate their chil'ren about the shit they don't know.

Quite a curious plan to deal with a public health issue, don't you think?

I can't help but think of driver's education. Fuck it, driver's ed. was the one class my friends never missed in high school (wink).


You couldn't get a license to drive without passing the class and everyone wanted to drive.

What if drivers ed. removed the driving test? What if they only covered driving under ideal conditions...on country lanes with no traffic?

What if 16 year olds could take a class...never discuss responsible driving...never learn how to handle a car...and then get the keys and just go for it?

Sounds crazy, doesn't it?

Insane in the membrane even!

Sounds dangerous as hell to this bitch.


But what your boo don't know you do.

Don't you?

Know your status...get your learn on...and get real.

Because every day...24/7 and World AIDS Day.


Brian said...

My sentiments exactly (on the weather). It took me well over an hour to get to work earlier this afternoon..... a trip that usually takes 25 minutes.

And it was not much better on the way back.

Now transformers are flashing and popping all over the place.

I'll probably lose power.

Made sure I got myself an extra flashlight from Walgreens on the way home (George "The Calamity" Bush has gotten me into the habit of preparing for disaster).

As far as radio stations... I don't even listen to radio much anymore.... But when I do listen I usually listen at work. I try to stick with public radio... 88.1, 88.7, 90.7, and occasionally 102.5, 103.3, and 104.9 (although I lost interest in Black radio a long time ago). I think Way Back Wednesday is one of the only things worthwhile that they offer.

It's midnight and i'm listening to my Police Scanner.... 911 operators are catching hell right now....

Anonymous said...

insane in the membrane, indeed!
(wonderful hip-hop throw back.)

Isn't it amazing how a chorus can sned you running to your soapbox...preach on!


Anonymous said...

that's interesting, i'm in pennsylvania and it's 64 degrees and humid up here (gross). i wish it would cool down.

"lately entertainment is the only thing out there discussing sex. sex has been removed from sex education..."

wow, i hadn't even thought about it from exactly that angle. so sex has gone from being taboo to being entertainment... it's like the entire spectrum of everything that respectful and healthy sex should NOT be.

Anonymous said...

ABB: Sorry you're having such terrible weather. And I'm sorry to see that winter has arrived with a vengeance. To Honey (above), I'm in western PA and our temperature has dropped from about 65 at noon to 43 at 4:30. Your cool temperatures are on the way!


Anonymous said...

kick ASS analogy!

File that one under "for future use"
(and I'll be sure to reference ya, ABB)


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