Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Some thoughts on the documentary F**K...

C-Money and this bitch caught F**K, which is a documentary participating in the St. Louis International Film Festival.

Most of y’all know that a bitch adores ripe language. Shit, this bitch has even been accused of having quite the potty mouth my damned self (wink). So there was no way in hell my ass was going to miss seeing this movie…even if it did start at 9:45pm on a school night!

F**K was fucking worth the late night viewage.

FUCK...and a bitch is going to uncensor the spelling of that shit going forward...took me on a journey through the various uses of the word. I was introduced to the diverse population of people that freak out about it. The movie explored fear of fuck, the humor contained within fuck, the power contained within fuck, the impact of censorship on culture, the FCC’s split personality on how to handle the word fuck and the culture war feeding off of naughty language and behavior.


And this was all done in fucking fantabulous detail.

The interviews were, however, the best part of the film.

They included but where not limited to Ice-T, Drew Carey, Bill Maher, Dennis Prager, Billy Connolly (funny as hell…for real!), Alan Keyes (total freak…and apparently rotting from within), Dr. Hunter S. Thompson (Gawd, a bitch misses the hell out of that motherfucker!), Michael Medved (still desperately seeking a Puritan revival), Janeane Garofalo (SisterGirl was rocking some seriously fantabulous fashion forward with a vintage twist eyeglasses) Ben Bradlee(of the Watergate Washington Post Bradlees) and last but certainly not least Mr. Pat Boone.

Yes, Pat Boone.

A bitch can’t name a single song of his and yet I do know that he was a 'somebody' sometime somewhere in the history of the 'used to be star fuckable' sorta-celebrities.

Even after seeing him in the movie this bitch probably couldn't pick him out of a lineup.

Doesn't matter...honestly, fuck it...Pat Boone still stole the show by giving this bitch a new naughty word!



Shit, Pat Boone said that he doesn’t curse…he just replaces words like 'fuck' with his name.


Go boone yourself you motherbooner!

Get the boone out of my face, you boone-tool!

Gawd, this situation is booned up from the floor up!


Boone is fan-fucking-tabulous.

Thank you Pat Boone for being such a judgmental motherbooner!

A bitch is giving Fuck by Steven Anderson 4 out of 5 militant afros.


O Pilha Blogs said...

Angel or devil i don't care...
If in front of the door there is you...

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the release of this film in Portland, OR. I love to use the word fuck. It's a wonderful word God gave us to express anger, frustration and sometimes for comic relieve. I've always believed that it's not what you say, but how you say it. Ms. ABB is a great example of this. She uses the word fuck in a classy way that provokes giggles and laughter. So let's all raise our fucking cran vodka drinks and toast to fuck!

Anonymous said...

Does Boone think he's maligning his name or giving it power?

Shark-Fu said...

Raising a vodka cran as I type, Hector!

Macarena...a bitch is curious about that too. He came off in the movie like he was trying to give it power...but if he thinks fuck is bad, isn't he maligning it in his confused mental world?


And Pat Boone should be the poster child for sunscreen.


Anonymous said...

I'll be booned with a shovel if Pat Boone's scene wasn't about the best part of Roger and Me. It takes a lot of work to be that big of a pig-booner. Boone!

I'm pretty sure his initial claim to fame was whitewashing Tutti Fruiti.

CP said...

Cannot wait to see it. The movie should be dedicated to George Carlin who started the "seven dirty words" movement back in the day! Lawd, I think I say the word FUCK more than I say the names of my children and husband during the course of the day! Sometimes, next to their names! *L* I love me some FUCK word.

Pat Boone scares me.


Maven said...

Even supplanting f*ck with "Boone," he's still thinking "f*ck" and as far as his evangelical bent, that's still sinning by thought:)

But goody for him, Jesus saves him:)

Loved this post, ABB!

Jeffrey Ricker said...

To paraphrase a bumper sticker, Jesus loves Pat Boone. The rest of us think he's a motherfucker. And if he thinks he's still relevant, then clearly his last reality check bounced.

Oh, and ABB a potty mouth? I don't believe it. ::giggle::

Anonymous said...


No Fuckin' shit?! I am going to have to check that motherfuckin' movie out for myself. Thanks for the fuckin'post and the recommendation. I laughed my fuckin' ass off!


P.S. I'm with CP..Pat Boone scares me too!

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