Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Superstition ain't the way...

A bitch caught The Daily Show last night and it was a joy!

But no…a bitch did not catch Tucker Carlson on Dancing with the Whatitsfaces.

Y’all know a bitch doesn’t watch that stuff! Next time call my ass when someone loathsome is fixing to embarrass themselves.


Good Morning America showed a clip of Tuck (we’re not close, but he just looks like a Tuck to me) and…well, where to start?


Mayhap they so feared his lack of rhythm that they decided to sit him down in hopes of preventing…oh, who gives a fuck.

Moving forward…

A bitch’s television viewage is now lousy with political commercials. They’re unavoidable! And they’ve popped up on the fucking radio too.

Fuck it all.

Folks that know this bitch are aware of my fondness for advertising (wink), but daaaaaammmmnnn!

This bitch was driving along after lunch today…grooving to Stevie Wonder’s Very Supersticious, which was playing loud as hell in my Cabrio…and that shit made me think.

When you believe in things that you don’t understand, then you suffer.

Lawd, ain’t that the truth?

It made me ponder political advertising like the radio ad for Jim Talent that my ass keeps hearing. You know, the one with the overly grateful sister showering Talent with praise for his support of that Sickle Cell treatment center initiative?

This bitch is beginning to think the commercial isn’t the problem…rather, the problem is the audience that shit resonates with.

When I first heard the spot I was disgusted. All that he’s a good man, such a good man, a really good man and my massa is a good massa and ain’t no massa like mine so why you want to go talking trash about him bullshit just settled wrong.


Clearly a bitch still hates that fucking radio spot.

Color me critical.


The lousy assed and completely lacking in substance we don’t do black advertising but our back is to the fucking wall if the polls are to be believed feel of the spot really isn’t the issue.

The fact is the spot will work for some people…and that’s the point of concern.

Because we often believe in things we don’t understand…and we fucking suffer for it.

A bitch regularly volunteers in voter education and let me tell you…the masses are suffering from a severe lack of knowledge.

The removal of civics from the classroom was a bloody disaster for some and the political gold mine of the century for others.

And the belief in shit that you don’t understand is not limited by race, class, gender or location…and neither is the suffering that results.

If you have no understanding of how government is supposed to work you will have no fucking idea whether it is working right.

If you do not understanding your rights as a voter you can be denied them and never even know it.

If you have no idea who the fuck Jim Talent is…what his voting record is…what his attendance record is…what role he played in the good, the bad or the ugly bitness of the Senate…how the hell can you make an educated decision?

And yes…catch your knee before it jerks...the same goes for the other side of the aisle.

Because when you believe in things that you don’t understand…oh hell yes, you will suffer.

You can’t make an educated decision…you have to step out on faith…and those commercials full of vague statements and lacking in substance are for you.

A bitch can hardly imagine it…must be like voting in a haze.

For the love of all that is holy, ask questions…demand answers…have expectations…and hold people accountable.

That’s the job of the citizen voter...not elected officials and party leaders.

Mayhap a majority of educated voters is the cure for the political advertising currently making a bitch illish!

Hope springs eternal…


Eliza524 said...

I moved to a new area and called the State Election Board to find out what district I was in, so I could find out about the candidates running in my new area and the lady answering the phone acted all put upon that I called. I can't imagine why someone in a position to help someone vote and be educated about their candidates would be such a bitch. By this, I mean a bitch in the bad way, which is completely different from ABB, who's a great bitch. :D

~Macarena~ said...

The operative term is "educated," which is often not included when encouraging/guilting people to/into voting.

When I first voted, I was willfully ignorant about politics. They say jurors vote based on which lawyer they prefer, and that's what I did with my first vote for president. One can make an informed choice to not vote, so even worse than someone who doesn't vote is an ignorant voter.

Anonymous said...

Tucker Carlson on DWTS. :)

Lisa said...

Well said, ABB. Indeed.

The Angry Black Man said...

And this is why I HATED that "Vote Or Die" shit with Puffy. All this attention paid to getting people to vote without focusing on the education surrouding the issues they are voting for. If you exercise your right to vote without first following your OBLIGATION to be informed, then you are just part of the damn problem...

Anonymous said...

I have nothing significatn to add except to say I want to start ABB PAC, dedicated to having a certain bitch travel the country and educate our high school kids BEFORE they start to vote on how to be informed, active and contributing voters in our society.

Limecrete said...

It made me ponder political advertising like the radio ad for Jim Talent that my ass keeps hearing. You know, the one with the overly grateful sister showering Talent with praise for his support of that Sickle Cell treatment center initiative?

In other words, "I'm more than willing to press the flesh with ill and/or dying people to appear sympathetic, but so help you if you actually try to do anything about the underlying causes of said illness, say through the use of stem cells. I'm Jim Talent. Vote for me!"

Betty B. said...

Here is a site that looks at Jim Talent's voting record in the Senate and House. As you can see, his record is 99% right down the line with the interest of business/corporate interests and screw the working class, poor and disabled.

Betty B. said...

I had no idea civics was not still taught in high school as a required course, but then I graduated in 1963. We were required to take civics freshman year, I had an awful teacher and thought it was boring as hell. I couldn't vote until age 21, but always thought it my duty as a citizen.

For today's students, a required course senior year would prepare them to be voters at 18.

All this to do about praying, when they aren't really prepared to take their place in adult society.

Anonymous said...

I get the impression that civics hasn't been taught in high schools, or junior high schools (start early before the students drop out - and maybe they will have adult aspirations) for a VERY LONG TIME. Why can't school boards get their shit together and mandate civics? (OK, we know why Our Dysfunctional Family, aka, STL City school board, can't get its act together...).


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