Saturday, September 23, 2006

By Request - A Dollbaby Recap...

A few of you wanted some follow-up regarding this bitch and my appointment with a group of dolls.

No, not those dolls (wink).


A lot of a bitch.

As this bitch mentioned in an earlier post, my attendance was requested...well, a certain sassified 5 year old at her family's going away/movin' on up party.

And I just returned...full of cake and all kissed out.

Due to confidentiality, I am unable to share pictures of the attendees.

But yes, a bitch kissed all of M's dollbabies...twice. And then my ass had to kiss all the other children's dollbabies to prevent a full out doll-based war.


Cake was consumed..songs were sung...and laughter was shared.

Moments like that are just one of the reasons I volunteer there...and the chocolate fudge cake with marshmallow frosting is another.



Maven said...

Please tell me that was a picture of the little girl and one of her doll babies:)

Kudos and much love to you for having such a love of the folks you help with volunteering!

PS: Get the recipe for that cake and post it at Turdmania... STAT!!!

Anonymous said...

I think I would have been disappointed if you didn't have to do some dollbaby kiissing. Am glad both for you and this family for the reason why!

Travis Reems said...

When my 3-year-old daughter goes down for a nap or for "night night" at the end of an evening, she takes with her a babydoll and a pink monkey. I made the mistake of kissing on the forehead each of those as I put her to sleep, just before I kissed her forehead. And now, I am expected to do the same each and everytime she goes to sleep. It's a labor of love, and I'd never give it up for anything.

my coffee is always said...

Gald you were able to say goodbye... She will always remember you and your kindness. Real sorry to read about the other story. Horrific. Tragic.

GayProf said...

I probably would have needed the other dolls to get through that type of doll party.

Then again, if I could kiss babydolls instead of actual babies, I might just make it as a politician.

Does it show that I don't like children?

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