Friday, September 01, 2006

Friday list making...

Thank Gawd for the weekend!

The Labor Day Holiday weekend may be all about rest for some folks, but this bitch is going to take advantage of the long weekend and get some shit done.

ABB’s Labor Day Holiday list of shit to get done…

Finish addressing the paper hoarding issue.
A bitch came out as a paper hoarder a few months ago and made some fantabulous progress with the Great Shred Festival of 2006. I have since been distracted by all manner of drama and bullshit, but this bitch is going to complete that project this weekend or my name isn’t Shark-Fu!

Clean up my area.
Above and beyond the paper hording problem, a bitch has really let my living area go. Time to get down to the bitness of taking care of my bitness! Plus, the level of cleaning I’m looking at counts as a workout too.

Writing followed by more writing.
A bitch has been neglecting my book...big time!

Time to dive back in and complete that shit.


This bitch feels better already.

Have a fantabulous and safe weekend...


CrankyProf said...

Enjoy your weekend, Bitch -- may it be a safe, fun and productive one.

Just be sure to take a wee bit o' time out for grilled beast of some sort, and a few vodka/crans.

BZZZT said...

Lordy mercy can I ever relate!

Be sure to tell me what new secrets and strategies you discover along the way that work really well -- gawd I hate to think of the crap I need to wade thru!!!

have a great long holiday weekend!


It's Me, Maven... said...

Have a happy, safe, and decidedly UN-laborious Labor Day weekend, ABB!!

Wildstarryskies said...

Enjoy your day.. i'm doing work too. dont' forget to relax with that vodka-cran at the end of the day...

and bring us that fabtulous (sp?) bitchitude back soon.