Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fall in the land of bitchitude...

If you find yourself in need of some comic relief, a bitch recommends setting aside your TiVo and watching the deluge of political ads currently holding court in primetime!

Lawd have mercy, they’re better than the actual fall lineup!

I was just chatting with Brother Rob Thurman about my favorite one…the THESE PEOPLE WANT TO KILL YOU fear-based political ad running on NBC like it’s about to go out of style.

Great voice-over, by the way…very Freddy Krueger with a dash of my 10th grade English teacher (a total freak, trust a bitch).

Confession – a bitch TiVoed some piece of shit show on NBC just to capture that commercial.

Fantastical manipulation!


Although…and I hesitate to even go here, but fuck it…the ad is a touch…ummm, how should I say this?

Well, it’s over the top scary.

Not…oh, shit I’d better not change horses in mid-stream scary.

More…fuck voting, I’m going to stay in the bunker until the nuclear cloud clears and watch Regis scary.

Just some feedback from a fan of the political horror commercial genre.


Fall is my favorite time of year.

A bitch adores the colorful foliage…the brisk chill in the morning air…and the ability to drive with the Cabrio’s top down and not bake in the heat.


This morning a fully recovered and finished with her rotation of meds Betsey the sorta-beagle and this bitch went for a walk.

She with her nose to the ground like a true beagle hound…me taking in the sights and sounds of the ‘hood.

The crunch of leaves…the far away bark of a heated dawg debate the next street over…and the laughter of chil’ren as they dashed by in a rush to catch the school bus pulling up to the corner.

And then a cat cut across the street in front of us…Betsey the sorta-beagle lurched forward like a possessed canine beast from hell…and a bitch found myself being dragged down the street while slipping on all the fucking wet leaves littering the walk.

Oh yes, fall is upon us in the land of bitchitude…


B. Kitty said...

Autumn is truly the best time to live in St. Louis. The beautiful leaves, the cool weather...

Let's take a Kitty/Bitch walk. I'll bring the hot toddies!

A White Bear said...

I distinctly remember, when I was a kid in St. Louis, being truly stunned by the onset of fall there. We moved when I was six, but I distinctly remember the brisk breezes, beautiful trees and birds, and going down to the local to go fishing with the fall bugs as bait. What a beautiful season there!

Brooklyn leaves something to be desired...

Veronica Hunt said...

I live in South Texas. What is this "fall" y'all keep talking about?


Hans said...

lol Great blog! I've never been to St. Louis, but would love to some day.

belledame222 said...

damn. that is one gorgeous orange.

per political ads: y'know, i think i'm gonna just get drunk until the whole goddam thing is over, this time.

Hattie said...

I've been to the airport and have seen St. Louis from the air, looking very beautiful in early summer.
But that picture blows me away! I experienced fall weather like that in Madison, Wisconsin, but I really forgotten how amazing Midwestern falls are!