Thursday, September 07, 2006

Some thoughts on Katie...

This bitch had a fantabulous evening of feastitude in support of Taste for Tunes at Atomic Cowboy!

Congratulations to KDHX and everyone involved with Taste for Tunes.

On a gratitude-based note…
This bitch would like to say a special thank you to a certain HW for taking the time to listen to my troubles and then break shit down until it was forever broke.

You are the shit, girl!

Thank you for telling the story of my life to me (wink).

My mind is clear and my soul is at peace.

Moving forward…

Long time readers know that this bitch has no love for Katie Couric. And no, a bitch is not going to jump on the ‘but this was a huge monumental moment for all women’ wagon.

Katie Couric taking over the anchor chair…solo…made history.

But not the kind of history a bitch is going to jump up and do a dance about.

Rather, Katie Couric’s debut and the media frenzy that surrounded it was far from reason to celebrate.

Other countries have elected women heads of state, for the love of all that’s holy!

And we’re getting all worked up over a woman reading the sorta-news at 5:30 pm CST.

Lawd, give me strength.

The sad thing is that this is huge for America. A woman’s voice…even one as annoying as Couric’s…delivering the sorta-truth to the 25 people still watching the news at 5:30pm was one small step for womankind and one giant leap for the network trailing in 3rd place while still trying to recover for a reporting scandal.

So, where is the story about this story about the news as the story?

Is it that Katie is heading a network news show? Or could it be that many still considered appointing a woman to head the network news show a risky move? Or could it be that millions of viewers who have never watched the news turned in and held their breath as if frogs would start raining from the heavens the second Katie opened her mouth?

Our reaction to this shit highlights just how fucking backward we are…how resistant to change American society is… and how deluded to reality the masses are.

A bitch dislikes Katie Couric. But that heifer deserves the anchor chair as much, if not more so, than Brian Williams and what’s his face over at ABC.

The news is not that she got the nod…not that we’ve come a long way, BabySugarHoneyDarling.

The news is that we’ve still got miles upon miles upon miles to go.


AOB said...


Anonymous said...

It's akin to the celebration of the 'controversial' issue of female succession to the Chrysanthemum throne being tabled because after four decades of girls, a Japanese prince's nuts dropped far enough for a Y to outpace an X.

As the daughter of a free-spirited, American-raised, Harvard-educated polyglot female ex-diplomat, Empress Aiko would have been a stark contrast.


CP said...

It is very sad commentary on America when we make such a huge deal about a woman taking over the anchor desk on a third rate news channel.

Impress me.

Let me see a female President. I promise to party.

Even if she is a Republican.


Joe said...

Wasn't this bullshit old news, like, THIRTY years ago when its name was Barbara Walters and her one-million-1976-dollar annual salary?

Media monster is always getting its hype on about something.

Seriously, the only thing sadder than the 25 people watching the evening network news is the number of people not watching or reading any news at all.

Anonymous said...

Right On!

Anonymous said...

Nice post, I am feeling your site too. I stumbled on it, but I will be back.

[Sorry I had to post as anonymous but I am in blogger beta, and it wont let me post as my blog name.]



Anonymous said...

Many thanks, Ms. Fu. You exceeded expectations. Of course, you do that so often that one wonders why one has expectations in the first place.

Interesting point, by the way, Anonymous. If ceremonial heads of state have a place in today's world, it's to act as a unifying symbol for the whole country, a constitutional figure who exists blessedly without reference to politics. Does a boys-only policy really reflect Japan today? I guess that's for them to say, but me, I like Sweden's approach. Everyone can love that brainy and adorable Victoria when she accedes, something we Americans can't really do with our own Dumbhead of State.

Disgusted in St. Louis said...

Before today, I had a neutral opinion of Katie Couric, but after tonight's CBS evening news I join you ABB and place her in the strong dislike column. Couric gave Rush Limbaugh an open forum to spew his BS with no rebuttal to his proganda. I don't who was yelling at the TV louder, my 80 year old father or me.

Media Matters has a partial transcript and video, CBS gave Limbaugh a platform to attack nameless "critics" who are "not interested in victory," offer his definition of "patriotism".

Anonymous said...

The reaction to Couric is yet another affirmation that as a society we are well and truly doomed.

Maven said...

It's a premature Virginia Slims smokescreen babe!

Since when is the news, the news? A good lot of it insults our intelligence at how insipid it is, and the rest is propagandist pablum puked up for our ready consumption.

Travis Reems said...


The women's movement, much like most, if not all, progressive movements, have languished over the past three decades for lack of leadership. I know, I know, "start the movement and the leaders will emerge." But that doesn't seem to be the case. Coupled with a lack of leadership, the movement has also suffered from a complacency of American woman who are happy enough with the progress gained thus far. Maybe the two have a causal relationship with each other. Either way, this is just the outside-looking-in opinion of an XY.

(A side ponderance: Sen. Hillary Clinton/Sen. Barbara Boxer ticket vs. Sec. Condi Rice/Sen. Elizabeth Dole ticket in 2008....)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A bitch dislikes Katie Couric. But that heifer deserves the anchor chair as much, if not more so, than Brian Williams and what’s his face over at ABC.

It's a sad state of affairs in deed. I thought that Elizabeth Vargas was doing a fine job solo anchoring at ABC after Peter Jennings passed away.

Then she gets that albatross Bob Woodward tied around her neck, he gets injured in Iraq and she's back to anchoring solo.

Then all of the sudden, she's not good enough to do it by herself and Charlie Gibson gets the job.


Scooter B can spout off about how we aren't going to sit by and "allow" Middle Eastern countries to abuse their female populations in his speeches while keeping millions of women in "their place" here in the US.

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