Friday, September 29, 2006

Scooter Montana - A bitch's dream from last night...

A bitch had the strangest dream last night!

This bitch thinks it resulted from the combination of eating tater tots right before bed and reading this post at Pop Culture Junkies.


A bitch adores tots!

I can’t recall the entire dream, but it involved President Bush (Scooter B. to this bitch) in the role of Tony Montana from Scarface. Scooter Montana (wink) was hovering over a mound of...well, umm ***cough***.


Scooter Montana, having been abandoned by everyone but Laura and his dawg Barney, was hold up in the Oval whilst his enemies descended to take him away...far away...away, away and away.



Then…and this was weird…the dream fast-forwarded to Scooter Montana at a balcony holding up Barney the dawg like a machine gun while screaming “Say hello to my little friend, motherfuckers!”.


The whole thing ended with Barney the dawg panting “Give me FREE!”…biting Scooter Montana viciously in the arm and then peeing on Donald Rumsfeld’s feet.

And then a bitch woke up.


Anonymous said...

honey, are you sure u wasn't smoking some of that wacky tobacky? lol

Anonymous said...

Awesome dream. Give me free! Oh my god. I might just die laughing!

Littlemilk said...

There was a comment made on tonights CBS interview with Bob Woodward to the affect of your dream concerning Bush's dedication to staying the course even if everyone else abandons him.

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