Thursday, December 22, 2005

ABB's Christmas Festitude Plan-Like List...

Better late than never.

The Eats…
Butter incorporated cake for my brother Bill
Corn Casserole (oh yeah, baby)
Vegetable based something (Greens? Cabbage? Salad? Mayhap collard greens in honor of my Play Husband who is visiting my family in-law…hmmmm!)
Sweet Potato Pie (Yum! Thank Gawd Brother Rob identified the best recipe!)
Apple Pie (Yum, yum!)
Cookies (because.)
Artificially flavored vanilla ice-cream (fuck it…it’s my motherfucking plan-like list)
Fowl or beast? Hmmmm. Shit!

The Beverages…
Grape cran
Vodka to keep cran and grape cran company
Beer (Winter Lager for a bitch’s sister)
Wine (Because ‘we so civilized ‘round here’!)
Pepsi/Coke/Dr Pepper (a bitch’s brother is brand loyal like a motherfucker)

The Distractions…
Clerks...for a bitch's sister.
In Cold Blood ... for a bitch.
Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle (wanna be her when my ass is grown…only brown, angry and with an afro).
Mildred Pierce (yeah, you think you’ve got it rough).
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas...miss you crazy motherfucker!)
And several trips to the movies to catch up!

The meds…
Dayquil…for the cold-like bug
Sudafed…for survival
Nyquil…to sleep when suffering from the cold-like bug
Excedrin…we’re talking a family holiday, chil’ren.
Excedrin PM…Lawd, if my ass passes out they no longer exist!
Bendryl…because someone will be allergic to something and break out like a freak thus causing major drama.


Okay, a bitch is off to play AngryBlackSantaBitch! And then go home and pass the fuck out.


dondon009 said...

Just dropping in to wish you a Merry Christmas......

I continue to read your blog daily and will continue to do so into the next year! (I read, I absorb, I say little = keeps me out of trouble)

Have a happy..... easy on the cran, heavy on the vodka!


Catherine said...

I gained 5 pounds reading your menu, it sounds so wonderful! Merry Christmas, ABB, from a fan in Florida!

DAVE BONES said...

Merry bitchin' christmas to you! lovin your work as eva

Maidy said...

Go for beast! You had that turducken for Thanksgiving so you deserve a roast. Mmmmmm-yummy!

Anonymous said...

But why oh why the bitch?

Kim said...

Be careful doubling up the Excedrin PM and the Benadryl. They both have the same active ingredient. Diphenhydramine. You'll be a super sleepy angry black bitch if you ain't careful!

Kate Harding said...

Just found you via Salon--Christmas at your house sounds fantastic. Thanks for the laugh.

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