Thursday, December 08, 2005


It’s cold as a motherfucker and snowing like crazy! A bitch adores snow, but my ass hates driving in it. Why do people have to get so crazy when the roads are at their worst? Why?

Anyhoo, this bitch can’t wait to get home and enjoy the snow…through a fucking window in a warm toasty house!

2 cups coffee with Splenda and 1% organic milk, 1 Claritin, 2 fake assed Sudafed and cigs…

A shooting in Miami...
A bitch was horrified by the news that a mentally ill man was shot by Air Marshals on an American Airlines flight in Miami. The facts are still coming out, but it seems that the man stated that he had a bomb and made for the front door of the plane. His wife, who was with him, tried to stop him but he was shot and later died. He did not have a bomb.

Reports state that he was acting odd…which mentally ill and mentally disabled people do sometimes. Passengers were concerned about him even before the incident took place.

As the sister of a mentally challenged adult, let me say that this is my worst nightmare. Not that Bill would ever be able to make a false bomb threat, but that his actions would ever be interpreted as threatening and result in an incident like this.

A bitch worries about it a lot. When my ass read about an incident in which an autistic young man wandered away from his home and was confronted by police outside of a neighbors home, and that they used pepper spray and a stun gun to subdue him, it totally freaked me out. The young man didn’t respond to police commands…and Bill probably wouldn’t do either. The young man was agitated…and Bill would also be in that type of situation. And the young man was traumatized…which anyone would be after being peppered and then stunned repeatedly until collapsing on the ground.

This bitch understands that law enforcement is called upon to make decisions every day that hold life and death in the balance. My ass can’t even imagine the pressure and stress associated with that. My commentary isn’t about the decision, but rather the fear and concern many of us with loved ones who are either mentally ill and/or disabled face regarding incidents like this.

My heart weeps for this family and everyone involved.

Moving forward…

Imagine all the people…living for today...
Today is the anniversary of John Lennon’s murder. A bitch was 7 years old when John Lennon was gunned down in New York City.

My favorite John Lennon songs are Imagine and Woman.

Imagine has popped up a lot in my life. When John Lennon was shot it rang out like a challenge to a world racked with violence and aggression. A bitch was always shocked that people resented John Lennon for his calls for peace and love. It never made sense why peace would offend anyone…why love would piss so many folks off.

A typical Pisces, this bitch used to lounge on my back in our backyard and just stare at the clouds. Alone on that thick grass, a bitch prayed for peace. A bitch prayed that chil’ren would not know hunger or want…that women would not know violence and rape…that animals would not know pain and suffering. My ass prayed that my brother would be happy and fulfilled…that my sister would know great joy and laughter…that my dawg would always have chew toy…that my mother would find peace…and that my father would find it as well.

Imagining those things was so fucking easy back then. It seems as if we are born with all of the possibilities and potential of life in our minds…and that the process of living removes them layer-by-layer.

Fuck that.

A bitch still imagines all the people living for today…no war, no hunger, no suffering or degradation. Shit, maybe my ass is a dreamer but a bitch sure as shit isn’t the only one.

A bitch still feels that unlimited store of love…that wonderful feeling towards another that you want to shout...again and again and again.

So, today a bitch is remembering John Lennon with a certain kind of happiness.

His is a legacy of groovy peaceful love.

Yeah, yeah, now and forever…


Karmen said...

I weep for those families with you.
I know that each time I hear a story like the one out of Miami my heart breaks.
Unfortunately, law enforcement is just now being trained to deal with those who have mental illness.
Here is DC, things are about to get worse for those who need mental treatment. They are closing a Mental Health Center in one of the poorer parts of DC. The doctors there now are working for free because the DC council won't give them the money necessary to stay open (yet they worry about the new baseball stadium). Where are those who need help supposed to go?

It just breaks my heart.

thatfarmgirl said...

The DC situation is sad, indeed, as is what happened in Miami. Poor man.

ABB, I knew there some deeper connection. You're a Pisces. How can anyone NOT love a Pisces. I'm not one myself, but I've known many and loved them all!

Virginia Gal said...

oh this whole Miami situation was so sad - I don't understand it. It was a no win for anyone, I bet the guy who shot this man, feels awful. This man's family losing him, terrible sigh, sometimes its just better to stay in bed.

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