Thursday, December 29, 2005

Other people's chil'ren...

A bitch completed my sorta-play, All About Ann, with considerable help from my sister (thanks C-Money). Blood Ray has agreed to participate and hopefully a certain Shavita will say yes and agree to play Ann Coulter. Everything is coming together! Now a bitch has to secure a location and find out how best to record this shit so folks who can’t make it to AngryBlackBitchFest (otherwise known as this bitch’s birthday weekend) can see it. ...unless it sucks, in which case it will never be mentioned again.

2 cups coffee with Splenda and 1 % organic milk yumminess, 1 Claritin, 2 Sudafed and cigs…

Other people’s chil’ren…
A bitch read this with great concern this morning. Angry urban youth attacking people and beating them senseless. Mercy!

Many of you know that a bitch is a mentor. Since my ass doesn’t have chil’ren, being a mentor has been an educational experience. My mentee has had her share of trouble…getting into fights and slacking on her grades. The high school she will attend is infamous for riots, lock downs and stupid assed drama. This bitch shudders to think of the next five years, but we will get through this. It’s just so sad that high school is something she will have to survive. Jesus.

There are many opinions on the issue of youth violence. Keep in mind, its not as if there are gangs of young people roaming about beating people daily in St. Louis…yes on the roaming tip, but not quite on the daily beatings. But youth violence is a concern, particularly when that violence goes down in school and prevents learning or going to school altogether.

ABB's response to some suggestions thrown out to address youth violence...
Those kids just need parenting!
This one always pisses me off. It’s not as if there is a reasonable and involved parent who has decided to slack and just need a fucking memo to kick it back into gear. A bitch works with young women every week who have no concept of good parenting simply because they never witnessed or received it. They desperately want to be good parents, but desire must be met with opportunity.

What makes no sense is to ignore that we have multiple generations of unraised heathens in almost every community. Yeah, a bitch just went there. Unraised chil’ren raised by unraised chil’ren trying to unraise a child of their own. We…the blessed community…must acknowledge and address that there are families out there that need an intervention. Because no one is going to wake up tomorrow suddenly equipped with the skills they didn’t have today…it just doesn’t fucking work that way.

Those parents just need to get involved!
Hold it. Sit down and repeat after me. Some of those parents need to get involved…and some of them don’t. If this bitch had a motherfucking dollar for every ‘oh shit, you so do not need to be raising a child’ parent my ass has met a bitch could afford Sudafed for life. There is no ‘love’ hormone that kicks in universally when you have chil’ren…just because it did for you doesn’t mean it will for everyone. Some people do not need to be in a child's life. Period. End of fucking story.

It’s because there isn’t a man in the house!
Now, this one is touchy. But fuck it. No, its because there isn’t an adult in the house. And even that doesn’t guarantee that some bad assed child isn’t going to burst forth. But the man in the house argument is intellectually lazy. Sorry, but that’s how a bitch feels. My ass knows plenty of people who can go through a calendar year without knocking someone on the side of the head with a baseball bat and who were also raised without a man in the house.

We need to bring prayer back into the schools!
Actually, we need to bring learning back into the schools…feel free to resurrect prayer in the home. A bitch is all for providing a moral compass for young people. But do not assume that prayer and religion will end youth violence…my mentee spent 30 minutes quoting from the Bible less than 24 hours after she beat the living shit out of a classmate for ‘looking at her wrong’. Come on now!


What we need is some fucking sacrifice. We need people to get active, participate, mentor a child, mentor a fucking adult and reinvest socially in our community. Oh, we're back to that easier thing again. And this is another problem that will not go away just because you turn off the television set or move to the county.

Other people’s chil’ren can jump up and become your motherfucking problem in a heartbeat.

A bitch is sending sincere wishes for a full and speedy recovery to Samuel McClain, his family and the city of Milwaukee.


Anonymous said...

Shavita will be there to play Ann as well as Effie in the Dreamgirls tribute.

Maven said...

Holy. F*cking. Shit! That second pic of what he looks like today. My. God!

Kudos to you!

Unraised chil’ren raised by unraised chil’ren trying to unraise a child of their own.

Actually, we need to bring learning back into the schools…feel free to resurrect prayer in the home.

These lines encapsulate what I like about you... your ability to boil it down, keep it real, and say it like it is.

Thanks to violence like that article detailed, I have now added one more city which I shall refrain from ever considering to relocate to. It's just senseless.

This goes well beyond "bad manners." It's bad manners not to move out of the street when you see a car coming (not only is it that, but it's fucking UNSAFE, too).

Black, white, purple, plaid, it doesn't matter. Vicious is VICIOUS. What happened to that man shouldn't happen to anyone, disrespective of race, religion or gender.

Personally I think that the intervention should involve holding the parents of those hooligans responsible for the actions of their children. Not only should the children get put into one of those retro-"Scared Straight" programs, the parents need to go to some court mandated parenting classes, as well as some type of specially catered class on being a member of a (somewhat more) civilized society.

Dixie said...

Somewhere along the line people in general have lost their sense of right and wrong. They don't value life, don't respect anyone and the attitude is "hooray with me and to hell with you". People don't avoid doing things because it's wrong, they only seem to avoid doing stuff if they think they'll get caught and get into trouble.

Somewhere along the line personal integrity has vanished.

Maidy said...

I've met some young parents that are fabulous role models for their children. And I've met others that ... well, let's just say I thought the child would have a better chance at life going into foster care.

Babies havin' babies. I feel for the ones that want to do right by their children and be a good parent but they have NO ONE there for support. God bless the shelter where you volunteer.

Anonymous said...

Please can I play the bitch that kills Ann in your play? PLEEEZ!

Anonymous said...

I work as a teacher at an alternative high school (kids suspended/expelled for heinous shit) and a bitch hits the nail on the head about youth violence. Most of these kids don't know how to behave in a socially-acceptable manner 'cuz they have never seen anyone act that way.

Her summation is spot-on: We have to get involved at every level. Fostering a sense of community takes hard work, committment, and a shared vision. It is difficult to get all three to hit at the same time.

It also won't be done in a short period of time, it'll take at least a generation, maybe two, to turn this around. Until that time the shit's gonna get deeper (IMHO.)

PissedOffPencil said...

As usual, you manage to put words to my own opinions. I have a long road to go before I can express myself that good in English.

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