Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Human kindness...

Oh my Gawd!

A bitch just received a mystery gift and my ass is going to cry!

A certain mystery someone sent this bitch...or rather, this bitch's mentee...a Christmas Build-A-Bear gift of wonder.

And a bitch is so overwhelmed.

Shit. My ass isn't wearing waterproof mascara!

Thank you so much for the Build-A-Bear gift cards. This bitch will be seeing Miss Thang Thursday for our Christmas get together and she will be have no idea how much.

Loyal readers know that a bitch's mentee has had a rough year. Christmas means a lot to her, both as a young person and as a rather religious young person. Coming from a family that doesn't have much, she rarely asks for anything. So, a bitch is just floored to be able to provide her with a trip to the Build-A-Bear workshop (which she ADORES) this holiday season.

Human kindness is the greatest gift of all. Thank you for displaying it in the most pure form imaginable.





Anonymous said...

Mister Bachelor author of
The BachelorBlog says: Merry Christmas! See the world is not all bad is it?

Shark-Fu said...

Yes, the world is not all bad.

As for an address, this certain someone must know a bitch or something about a bitch to know where to send the letter.

This bitch does not give out my address very often.

If you would like to put your secret shopping to work...hmmm...well, a bitch will jsut have to post some of my favorite organizations that would welcome your support!

TwinsGoddess said...


I am SUCH a sucker for the "kindness of strangers" stories. I'm so very happy for you and your young person.

Love her up a little for me, will you?

Maidy said...

Pray you (meaning you and the mentee) have a fun day today! Enjoy the weather!

Sara said...

I love a bitch that can cry. Enjoy that workshop-you both deserve it dammit!

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