Sunday, December 11, 2005

Richard Pryor...

Sometimes we mourn a death. Sometimes we celebrate a life. And sometimes we just sit down and say ...well, shit.

Richard Pryor went on to his sweet reward yesterday and a bitch is certain that the saints are laughing their asses off in the great beyond right about now.

Be whole…where you were once broken.

Be free…when you were once burdened by obligation.

Be at peace…for your life had so much drama.

Be funny…as if you could be anything else.

Be blessed…for you are worthy.


Anonymous said...

"Water cold."
"Deep too."

( Two old men pissing off a bridge)

Maven said...

There was an editorial in the NY Daily News today by Stanley Crouch regarding Pryor's life, and how his vulgarity wasn't something worthy of praise, and how his humor spotlighted the seedy side of life etc.

Here's the url for Crouch's article:

One thing you could give Pryor, is that he was a survivor. He was raised around pimps and hos and drug use among many other negative things. He was able to laugh at it, the absurdity and shock of it all. Perhaps he laughed to keep from crying. His humor was more in-your-face than others, however, he didn't sell out once things got a little easier, financially, in his life.

Money can't make us happy, and it sure as shit cannot take our demons away. Pryor's life is an example of the human condition, how very precious and precarious all of our lives truly are. He was no saint, and he didn't make himself out to be one.

Anonymous said...

"Excuse me while I whip this out"

Richard pryor made me laugh until I cried countless times.

Girl, I was so excited to see you at the top of the blogroll at one of my fav sites: World o' Crap.
Who knew you had a such a PowerBlog?
Come see me at the bar soon and drag Thurman with you.
xox Neil

TwinsGoddess said...

That's lovely, ABB.

The Cook Crazy Economist said...

May Allah SWT have mercy on him. Make his grave a place of comfort and his spot in paradise more than he could ever wish for.

Hammer said...

ABB, I'm sad about this. He was one of the best comedic racial activists of his/our day!



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