Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Politics, glamour and the new Pope......

Last night the divine Miz Thurman and I took on the town, crashing the Mayor's Inaugural Ball with style and super-fantastic flair! Okay, it wasn't the party of the year but we did score a picture with Hiz-honor, which Miz Thurman has promised to post. Hanging with the political heavy hitters of St. Louis (yes, we have them) was fascinating. Think lots of tan uber-powerful men in snazzy grey or black suits and power ties. And an Angry Black Bitch sipping overly warm wine and fluttering about the room. You've got to love it! The highlight of the evening was the consumption of Ted Drewes frozen custard hot-fudge sundaes - mmmmmm, points be damned!

But this morning the glow of a fun night politicking wore off as the reality of a huge Catholic fuck up hit me. A bitch can't help but be shocked and dismayed by the election of Pope Benedict the Fascist. Y'all know I'm not a forgiving bitch, and I can't believe that the best dude for the job was the Red Hat with a Hitler Youth badge in his dark murky past. What the fuck!

ABB's take on this recent Papal bullshit
  1. Although the current media accepted myth is that the new Pope was "forced" into the Hitler Youth and the Nazi Army or Airforce or whatever, I have my doubts. Forced my ass! The new Pontiff was then a young German in seminary who chose to adhere to the status quo rather than be Christ-like and stand on his morals. So, do you want a leader who will cave to the political whims of a Fascist God-less dictator like the Pontiff did during WWII? Hasn't the Catholic Church had enough of that bullshit? ABB rule to live by - Hitler Youth membership and former Nazi military records rule your ass out as the leader of "the Faithful". Sorry, but this one should have gone to the Brotha from Nigeria!
  2. Fascist behavior Post Nazi affiliation. The new Pope has rattled off anti-woman and anti-gay rhetoric like....well.....a Fascist! Saying shit like "Gays should expect violence if they continue to press for rights and protection" and "Women should accept their role and stay home and raise children rather than aspire to the Priesthood" doesn't help at all to diminish the stain of Fascism that is upon you. Way to reconcile and unite, asshole!
  3. I'm pissed at the Anti-Defamation League for issuing a statement defending the new Pope for his past fascist affiliation. Yes, he has atoned for his part in the whole sick mess that was Nazi Germany. But the ADL needs to remember that the Nazi death machine also targeted Catholic Poles, gays and lesbians and many others. So, when the Pontiff rationalizes the brutalization of gays in the modern world he's telling your ass he doesn't fucking get it! Maybe he's only sorry for being a member of an organization that killed Jews, but not sorry for the death of gays and lesbians? What about the Jewish gays and lesbians - is the new Pontiff 50% sorry.....75% regretful? Or maybe he's about to atone for being a sell-out little shit who left seminary only to join an organization that relished the forced labor of......well....fucking Polish Catholics. Makes a bitch sick to her stomach!

I was privileged to attend a college built on the hope and promise of post-WWII America. Although not a religious school, most students were Jewish; in fact, Brandeis was founded in large part because the Ivy League schools would not accept Jewish students. It's named after the first Jewish Supreme Court Justice. Go Judges! Some of my teachers were Survivors and it was an honor to learn from their oral history. And some of what I learned was that there was a lot of dirt beneath the WWII myth; the Catholic Church turned a blind eye to atrocities and the world chose to ignore rather than act. We should never forget. Nor should we validate or rationalize actions taken 60 years ago or turn a blind eye to the judgmental hate in the rhetoric of today.

ABB is disgusted and dismayed. And my ass is also enlightened. Thanks for clarifying your position, College of Cardinals. Way to fucking go!

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