Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A Bitch took a day off.....

I took Monday off with the sincere hope that I would be able to take care of some bit-ness. Well, suffice it to say my day was spent running around like a crazy person and burning through a tank of expensive assed gas! Add to that the fact that my hormones are crazy and....well....my mood is basically ripe today. So, you can imagine how the news that some bad assed child in Florida got her ass arrested for pitching a fit was received.

The Incident
A bad assed child in Florida pitched a fit a month ago. It was tapped, hence the media feeding frenzy. The taping was done in the attempt to instruct other teachers on how to handle crazy assed kids in the classroom. The child, we'll call her Keisha, began her fit by stomping her feet and screaming. This escalated into a full fledged ass showing that included 1) the tearing down of papers from the wall, 2) the aggressive hitting of not 1 but 2 teachers, 3) roaming the halls like a rampaging elephant and 4) the subsequent arrest of Keisha.

The Media's Spin
Both GMA and the Today Show have latched on to this story like a starving infant to a wet tit. The spin is basically the same - how on earth does the system justify handcuffing a 5 year old kindergarten student? The story was given some oxygen this morning with a taped interview of the Keisha's momma, who heaped a pile of blame on the teacher (My baby doesn't like that bitch and I told them not to put her in the room with her no more!) and the complete refusal to understand the scope of the situation (They told me that I was causing a disturbance when I came to the school and saw my baby in the police car! What my baby do that got her in that car? They should have left her alone!).

ABB's Personal Take on this Shit
What the fuck? I am so tired of parents acting like school is a substitute for them having to raise their fucking kids! I saw the tape. I saw Keisha's ass jump onto furniture and tear apart a ton of paper. Her eyes were red with anger, people! And she probably learned an important lesson by having her ass dragged into a police car, because that's what the man does to irate people when you are grown! Try that shit in the mall at the age of 30, bitch! I have boiled this shit down into some basic truths.
  1. Keisha. You do not have the right to have a full fledged fucking fit in school! Get your ass some therapy or meds or both. What is wrong with your ass? School is for learning, lil'bitch! And your fit is denying normal kids their right to get educated, go to college and get far, far away from crazy assed people like you!
  2. Keisha's Momma. Your child is a bad assed kid! You clearly know this, because you admitted that your kid "had beef" with a teacher. What the fuck is the world coming to when a fucking child can have an ongoing beef with a teacher, anyway? Okay, I admit that I had a few issues with some of my teachers too. But my ass never negotiated a restraining order via my mother against them! I just quietly hated their ass and dreamed of their eventual demise!
  3. Misguided Media Bitches. Please take notes. The school should have called an ambulance and had that bad assed child drugged. Keisha had become a danger to herself and others and needed to be taken down! Remove that shocked and appalled look from your face - if Dakota Fanning did that shit on the set during an interview you'd have her ass forcibly restrained! And you fucking know I'm right about that!
  4. Spun-assed Public. Knee jerk social worker responses to this shit do not apply. This was a spoiled assed kid acting out for the camera and taking advantage of her knowledge that the system did not allow the teacher to give her the whoop ass she truly deserved! A simple pop to the ass would have ended this incident without police involvement! I know that some of y'all don't believe in spankings, but view the tape and put yourself in that classroom. Be honest now! Yep, an ass whooping would have been in order real fast.

I can't stand spoiled assed misbehaving children. And I really can't stand them taking up media space with tons of bullshit. This is not news - bad assed black children in South African school girl uniforms show out and pitch fits in school all the time. Why do you think it's so hard to recruit teachers? ABB just hopes that Miss Keisha remembers the feel of that squad car and those cuffs the next time she's compelled to act a fool. Bad assed lil'bitch is in need of some serious rearing!


Anonymous said...

ya know I really LIKE your blog I am telliing ALL of my friends, enemies and others!

Morrigan said...

Tell it like it is. A child of mine would have been grounded until they were ten if they tried to pull a stunt like that.

Miss Two said...

I'm a teacher, and I know the law on my island. Which unfortunately a lot of horribly-behaved kids know too. So they think if they hit me they can keep sucking air.

Any child that hits me will get hit back. Period.

Matter of fact, my 8th graders have tried it and found out the hard way.

Seriously? I'd have turned off the camera and spanked her 'til she couldn't sit down. Complete with "I-Thought-I-Told-You-To-Sit-Yo-Behind-DOWN" Mama-style. She needed some discipline that she could understand. Hard head make a soft ass.

Some people will say this only teaches violence. Yeah, so what do you think this child already knows, peace and love?

THANK YOU for speaking out!

inchirieri apartamente cluj said...

A total brat! The kids these days don't know anything about respect. They don't respect their parents talking back to them and ignoring their advice.

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