Thursday, January 26, 2012


Shall we?

Last night I caught the news that several Democrats in the Missouri Senate have been targeted…literally…in a cowardly attempt at intimidation.

Stickers with crosshairs on them were left on the Capitol office doors of the state senators.

It is worth noting that crosshairs were the intimidation tactic du jour during the lead up to the 2010 elections…with some who were fond of saying “don’t get mad, reload” even creating online maps with targets placed over targeted districted.

Now, this public display of violent intentions has broken out under the dome.

Pause…sip coffee…continue.

Of course, this pissed me off.

First of all, threats of violence in a place where the people’s representatives assemble are unacceptable.

Missouri State Senators are talking bodyguards, for the love of all that indicates something is rotten under the dome.

The asshole that did this didn’t even indicate what the fuck they are targeting the senators for. Oh, I get it – Missouri is debating some sort of something about the Obama administration’s health care law, but Jesus to God that’s not the only thing they are working on. For all we know, this fool is one of those folks who has gotten all worked up over Missouri protecting our state border with Kansas from illegal immigration.
Is it too much to ask for a little clarity from these domestic terrorists?

***cue crickets***


Finally, the Missouri State Capitol is the people’s house…my house…and some wretched ass just indulged in a public display of no home training while treading all over we the people.

Seems that the same fringe mob ranting about communist health care laws has no problem at all channeling their inner Stalin under the dome.



Feminema said...

So hard to know what they're mad at. Is it the fact that (by my reading) all five targeted congresspeople are women? That they're all Democrats? That four of them are Black?

This is the problem with terrorism like this -- it's so hard to tell what the message is till the terrorists get caught and/or let loose with a stream of internet invective.

veesee said...

Got here by way of Shakesville ...

I caught wind of this story on ThinkProgress, and they reported something along the lines of the congresspeople and/or their staff removed the target stickers, only to have them replaced later with larger target stickers. These people aren't content with making a point, they're hammering it home and embarrassing the rest of the human race.

Peterr said...

It wasn't only Democrats, and it wasn't only women. Republican Representative Scott Dieckhaus also had a sticker on the nameplate outside his door, as did Democratic Senator Victor Callahan.

The fact that this happened right around the anniversary of shooting of Gabby Giffords makes this all the more alarming (if a threat) or abusive (if a prank).

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