Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The gods of blog content have responded…

Political junkies are watching Florida and the GOP Primary…but some, like me, are more than a little disappointed that a certain Newt is in the midst of yet another polling plunge.

Confessional - yesterday I fuss that the gods of blog content are toying with us.

Today they have answered with…wait for it…The Donald.


For real.


Donald Trump, otherwise known as the dude with no real friends because a real friend would have told him that his hair needs to go to rehab, is on Good Morning America teasing bobbing and weaving and…well, basically bullshitting because you know and I know that you know the I know that Donald Trump wants to be the GOP nominee like I want a drug resistant yeast infection.

No, his appearance is all about displaying his power…power that these fools running for the GOP nomination gave him by flying to New York city to kiss his hair ring…and he wants everyone everywhere to know that his endorsement is coveted by many and that all this kissing of his ass is gonna make up for his not being picked for the kickball team back in prep school.

I mean, shit…the man is trying to school George that getting on the ballot in May would be "easy" for an Independent!

***happy dance***


Wait a minute...what's that sound?

Pause…listen to the sound of the gods of blog content laughing…continue.


1 comment:

Ryan Hauck said...

Not apropos to this particular blog post, but I am waiting with bated breath to see what your reaction is to the Susan G. Komen Foundation's recent decision to pull funding for Planned Parenthood to provide free mammograms. The stream of cursing is probably audible 2 states over on every side...

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