Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Let’s jump right on in.

The New Hampshire primary is over.

Ron Paul came in second.

John Huntsman came in third.

And y’all can be your ass this race is about to get old school nasty…I mean nasty like when George Bush #1 was running against Reagan in 1980…mmhmm, NASTY!

Pundits have latched onto the word “firewall” and the theory that South Carolina is the last chance for anyone to derail Team Romney.

Pause…sip coffee…continue.

When I hear talk of a political firewall I get an image of a gaggle of conservative candidates hunkered behind a barricade at the South Carolina state border as a massive flip-flopping and moderate only when compared to the hardliners he’s running against Romney grassfire whips all ‘round them.



The Sanity Inspector said...

It's better than having the usual foregone conclusion, with the primaries being a simple procession to the coronation. I like a wide open horse race, it's good for our democracy.

Anime DVD UK said...

I see Romney taking this home at this point. No doubt in my mind. However, in the main election....not so much :)

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