Monday, January 30, 2012

The gods of blog content toy with us (shakes fist at sky)…

Shall we?

Um, Republican Primary voters in Florida?

What the fuck, people!?!

I settle down this morning to catch up on the morning political sorta-news and what greets me?

News that Mitt Romney has opened up a 15-point lead in Florida.

***cuts eyes***

Damn it to hell and back again, I know I presented offerings of corn bread and vodka at the alter of the gods of blog content just yesterday.

So why the hell am I now looking at a Romney victory in Florida tomorrow?

Mmmhmm…the gods of blog content toy with us.


At least I’ve still got Santorum in complete denial and set to arrive in my state (Missouri) for a fundraiser deep in social conservative country (St. Charles).  That means I can look forward to his ass tossing out crazy talk and stirring shit until at least February 7th.

Pause…sip coffee…continue.

But damn it, I was pulling for a Newt on Mitt floor battle at the GOP convention.

All signs pointed to it – those who adore Tea made public declarations of support for Newt as the anyone but Romney candidate, social conservatives in South Carolina gave him a big win, and arithmetic challenged conservatives in Iowa finally confirmed that Santorum denied Mitt a win to kick this whole thing off.

And yet…

…here we are on the eve of the Florida Primary and it looks like Mitt is guaranteed a win.

Shit, shit, SHIT!


1 comment:

NancyP said...

Hey, there are a few people fighting the good fight in St. Charles Co.!

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