Monday, January 09, 2012

Pre New Hampshire Expectitude!

Happy Monday before the New Hampshire primary, y’all!

I’m on my second cup of coffee (2 cubes sugar and a dash of milk...yum!) and fixin’ to get this week started.

Shall we?

New Hampshire will get their primary on tomorrow and political pundits are gleefully…and I mean gleeful like I haven’t seen them gleeful since a certain social conservative darling took a hike on the Appalachian trail gleeful…cough…yeah, um…gleefully anticipating which of the GOP wanna-bes will come in second.

Santorum, leader Spanish Inquisition Faction of the GOP, enjoyed a nice surge from his performance in Iowa…but that performance also rustled up some vicious opposition ads highlighting Santorum’s adoration of pork and fringe value system. Ricky is feeling the heat and this bitch will be watching to see if he can hold onto the #2 spot in New Hampshire and then take his unelectable in a General ass on to South Carolina where he hopes Evangelicals await him like the second coming of…um, well you get the picture.



John Huntsman.

Pause…allow time for the flock of bitchitude to Google John Huntsman…continue.

Huntsman has emerged as a contender for the #2 spot in New Hampshire…which is not half as surprising as pundits would have us believe when we consider the fact that he’s been shaking hands there for months while his opponents were deep in Iowa country. Anyhoo, Huntsman’s rise is an interesting development but I’ve yet to determine whom he takes votes from in New Hampshire.


Mitt Romney is in the lead and pundits have determined that he must win BIG or he’s done for when he heads for South Carolina where his flip-floppery, Mormonism, and New England ways are expected to hurt him with likely GOP voters.

Pause…sip coffee…continue.

Yeah, that about sums things up.

Oh wait…Newt!

Newt, Newt, Newt, Newt, NEWT!

***claps hands in joy***

Angry red-faced pompous mean-as-hell 1980’s Newt is back, y’all!

He’s been feasting on Mitt Romney like a hungry dawg on a bone…tossing accusations with an intense hyper focused hate I haven’t seen out of him in decades.


May the gods of blog post content continue to shine upon us…


Blue said...

I believe the latest polls show Romney in the lead in S Carolina as well.

Getting the black, secret Muslim, Commie out of office trumps their disdain for cultist Mormons in general and Willard in particular.

Anonymous said...

Santorum is the devil I am convinced of it. He is so proud that he stripped money from women with children via his welfare "reform". If he wants to really reform welfare he would 1. stop giving money to big businesses that are already making money and 2. stop taking the kick backs that the big businesses are giving him. This is supposed to be free trade, sink or swim. It is easy to win if you cheat. He is the devil and the devil wears a stupid Mr. Rogers vest to make him appear sincere. What a creep.

L. Jackson said...

I believe I have gotten jaded over the years of political b.s...they go in 'selling' themselves thru religion, thru 'business' experience, military experience, prior DC experience & all we can do is hope that the next one will be better, not fall into 'ear-marked' projects, or give the dibs to 'those that financed their races..big sigh..and the fight goes on!

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