Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A State of the Union pondering…

The State of the Union speech + the GOP response + the Tea Party response = one long ass night.

Shall we?

I thought the State of the Union speech was solid – it lacked hard specifics, but these speeches usually do. 

The President called for a five-year freeze on non-security discretionary spending and said he’d veto any bill that came to his desk with earmarks in it (cue applause).

I paid special attention to the President’s remarks about the healthcare reform law…and how he welcomes input from Republicans on what parts of the law they don’t like and how they’d like to change it.  And I’ll be keeping a close eye on what the GOP tosses back… ‘cause “compromise” tends to be DC code for fucking over the masses.

We shall see, but with Rep. Bachmann calling for an all out repeal in her response to the response to the address it would seem that there isn’t a lot of room for compromise in the House.

Speaking of the Tea Party response…well, um…wow.

Bachmann explained that she’d been invited by the party of tea to speak and wasn’t trying to compete with the GOP response.

She then proceeded to compete with the GOP response.


Just kidding – Bachmann actually served as official Tea Party translator for the GOP response.

When Congressman Ryan went on and on about how America is on the brink of total collapse…Rep. Bachmann explained that our exceptionalism is threatened by “Obamacare” and government regulations.

Rep. Bachmann went on to explain to the Tea Party faithful that America is the most indispensable nation in the world and the formation of the nation was a miracle. 

Bachmann then pointed to the battle of Iwo Jima as proof of America’s miraculous exceptionalism. 

She stopped short of calling for the beatification of America…but, as she stared wide-eyed at some random target to the right of the camera, I could tell beatification of the United States of America was on the tip of her forked tongue.


Bachmann is trying a risky skill on the political balance beam. Last night introduced her as the GOP Tea Party Whisperer…which means she’s got to demonstrate that she can control and motivate the mob even as she maintains enough anti-establishment street cred to keep the ear of those who adore tea. 

But fuck it - it made for amusing television!



calugg said...

I bet beans to dollars the GOP leadership is most unhappy with Bachmann and the Tea Partiers, since they make the entire GOP look crazy.

That said, by getting on the air, the Tea Party is now legitimate. IN the issue of fairness, I would think Bernie Sanders should also be entitled to a response. At least he's totally, rock-solid sane.

Anonymous said...

We must ask ourselves why the tea "party" was allowed to respond when the green party or others which have been around longer have not been afforded this benefit. I am steamed at this. So the republicans get to respond twice? How does that work? Democracy? I think not!

Anonymous said...

Oh good grief she sounds like Sarah Palin. I couldn't even make it through a minute of her speech. Where do they find these women?

Tina S

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