Thursday, January 06, 2011

By request…on autism, vaccines and fraud…

Loyal reader Angela S. sent this bitch a request for my thoughts on the news that the study cited as proving vaccines cause autism has been exposed as a fraud.

Here you go!

This news will be received by most with relief, by some with a hearty “I told you so!!”, and by others with skepticism.

Some parents who chose not to vaccinate their children based on the study will continue to believe that they made the right choice…they will point out that vaccine manufacturers are powerful and have lots of allies…and they will ignore any new evidence that discredits the doctor behind the study and the results.

That’s the reality of the situation…a situation exasperated by the amount of media attention paid to the initial claim of a link between vaccines and autism…a situation further exasperated by the fact that the doctor at the heart of this case continues to preach his gospel.

The thing is that Andrew Wakefield can be a doctor who has done legitimate research and also be the doctor who perpetuated this fraud.

That’s a difficult thing for some folks to deal with.

I hope that parents review this news with their child’s doctor. 

I hope that people focus on the facts and not the conspiracy theories.

Meanwhile, someone needs to score an interview with Dr. Andrew Wakefield…big time!


Dr24Hours said...

Anderson Cooper did an interview with him. Wakefield is still lying, still in denial, and should go to jail for manslaughter of hundreds of unvaccinated dead children.

Hammer said...

I feel like the more likely cause of autism- as it is a genetic disorder- comes from the fact that more and more women are having children later in life. I could be wrong though.

Shark-Fu said...

Hi Hammer!

The later in life connection may apply to some but not all cases. My mother gave birth to my brother in her mid 20's.

But who the hell knows?

Ashleas said...

Another thought to ponder is what this news does this do to the increasing diagnosis of autism and other issues with children such as ADD and ADHD. While many of these conditions and the children affected by them are real and valid, the increasing number makes me wonder are our generations changing, are children being affected more and more by whatever it is and changing? Are we simply better at catching things in the gray and fuzzy areas? Or are we jumping the gun on things that may have once been considered normal?

Not doubting a Bitch's brother at all, but I'm sure you've seen what I'm talking Shark-Fu. Those questionable examples of ADHD and others when really all the child may need is a different approach.

Joanna said...

Sorry AnyEdge, but as far as I know more kids die from the vaccines themselves (which can have bad side effects) then from the diseases the vaccines are supposed to prevent. Many of the children who get infected with certain deadly diseases actually get those diseases from the vaccines themselves, not from NOT being vaccinated.

As for the vaccine/autism link study being a lie, it said the first study making the link was a lie. What about studies since then? What about the fact that some vaccines contained mercury and the symptoms of mercury poisoning are virtually identical to the symptoms of autism?

Not to dismiss anyone's opinions, but because one study has been proven false, it does not negate all of the other studies that show the dangers of vaccines.

Recently, there was a whooping cough "epidemic" and people were quick to blame the lack of vaccines. But some of the kids got the illness before the age they are "supposed to" get vaccinated, so it cannot be blamed on parents neglecting to vaccinate theiir kids. And some of the kids had been vaccinated, and got whooping cough from the vaccine itslef.

Dianne said...

If more kids are dying from the vaccines than the diseases the vaccines prevent, could that be because the vaccines WORK?

As for ADD/ADHD and autism, I firmly believe the instances haven't increased at all, we just have gotten much better at recognizing what it is we are seeing now. God knows I wish we had been better at it when I was a bright child, dismissed as a "daydreamer" and "lazy".

Renee said...

Thank you for posting this... please, please, please people vaccinate your children.
My son has a form of autism called Asperger's syndrome, and I would still vaccinating him again and again and again. I don't believe vaccinations caused his autism. But I'd rather have my Aspie son than a son with polio or even worse one who is dead because I read some stupid article and followed some dumb conspiracy theory. Think people think. Thank you so much again for posting this I will for ever be your fan

Michael Simpson said...

It is a fact that the vaccines administered in Amercia are contaminated/dirty/impure. They may not necessarily give your child autism. But the best place to get vaccines manufactured is from Cuba. But we know the story there. However not giving your child a vaccine may be okay The body will combat these illnesses. The mumps and the measles the immune system can handle, also since the polio and smallpox is 100 percent illiminated in America there is no need to vacccinate against these illnesses unless you travel abroad.

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