Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Test, baby...test!" is really "Spend, baby...SPEND!"

Let’s jump right on it!

I’ve pondering the motivation behind this legislation – the GOP says that they are trying to protect taxpayers from financing drug habits, but odds are this has more to do with a general disrespect of welfare recipients and the freakish popularity that can be gained from treating them like shit.

My instinctive resistance to this is fueled by the assumption that welfare recipients are lazy criminals hustling their government.  One would think that the recent economic fubarity would help Americans better understand how someone can reach a financial crisis and require assistance…but one would be wrong.

But the more I ponder this legislation to mandate drug testing for welfare recipients the more I settle on a different argument - that we the people should follow the money as it relates to this fucked up from the floor up bill.  Trust that the money will flow out of the state coffers if this shit passes.

The welfare recipient drug-testing bill is a spending bill.  It’s fiscally irresponsible and the GOP leadership backing it should know that shit, because every year that they’ve introduced it opponents have pointed that shit out. 

The ACLU puts it this way“Drug testing welfare recipients as a condition of eligibility is a policy that is scientifically, fiscally, and constitutionally unsound.”

I’m aware that Missouri GOP lawmakers could give a flying shit about science or the Constitution, but they are supposed to adore fiscal responsibility. Add to that the fact that Missouri is already running so low on funds that our state government is slashing proven programs left and right. 

I don’t expect these fiends to be moved by data that demonstrates that there is no statistical difference for illegal drug use between welfare recipients and non-recipients…or the fact that 70 percent of illegal drug users between the ages of 18 and 49 are employed.

And I’m not holding my breath that the Missouri GOP will grasp the science or accept the testimony of experts who say drug testing programs like this do not help people kick the habit.

But come on, damn it – the average cost of a drug test is around $42 per person!  For the love of all that’s fiscally irresponsible, just proposing this kind of spending bill in the midst of an economic crisis should call down a whole lot of condemnation from budget hawks and struggling Missourians who have seen programs proven to benefit residents defunded to within an inch of their lives!


This legislation stinks to high heaven, is most likely unconstitutional and costs a shit load of money.

The fact that the Missouri GOP is all over it like a hound on a bone says a lot about how wrong their priorities are…and how irresponsible their leadership is.

And don’t sleep on this mess…this is exactly the kind of ignorant legislation that becomes law in this state.



Molly said...

Agree, agree, agree

escalante blogger said...

As long as you have, so try it, spend more...

Beyond The Political Spectrum said...

It does smack of fiscal irrsponsibility to add the cost of drug testing entitlement programs. I'm wondering how much thought went into this legislation?

Brian M said...

Another excellent blog Shark. Thank you.

Peterr said...

BTPS . . .


As my lawyer friends would say, "that assumes facts not in evidence."

Roderick said...

I'm sure that the GOP will make the welfare recipients pay for their own drug tests.

the bewilderness said...

Sometimes it is pure and simple venality and the punishing of the poor is a collateral benefit.
Head of homeland security buys stock in scanners and then writes a policy to install scanners.
House Speaker Hastert buys land and then adds a road on the public dime to increase the value.

Who in the legislature owns a lab or stock in one would be my first question.

NancyP said...

I propose a bill to test elected officials and their spouses and children and grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

This bill is about lining the pockets of whatever company administering the tests who is connected to some senator who is trying to hide behind the scenes making laws that line his pockets as well. I am learning that this is how it goes. They pass laws that funnel tax payer dollars to companies that offer them kickbacks. This is treason!