Friday, January 14, 2011

On comfort...

Lawd, it’s been a week!

I’m spent, y’all…and in need of some comfort, damn it!

Longtime readers know that a bitch is a fan of bitchfirmations.

I’m also big on basic home-based comfort.  Nothing feeds the soul like a good sorta-beagle snuggle in my couch-based lair, a yummy home cooked sometimes food meal or the blessed nostalgia of Girl Scout cookies.

So, to feed my soul and inspire you to fee yours, I offer up some comfort in these times of disturbitude.

Loving on your pets…

If you’ve got a sorta-beagle, odds are you’re used to their need to burrow under the blankets and snuggle.  If you don’t have a dawg companion you may want to consider getting one.  Even on the worst days my dawg friends make me feel better…from the joy they express when I come home (probably related to the fact that I feed them, but fuck it…I’ll project as I wish!) to the peace of watching a sleeping snoring sorta-beagle in the morning before I have to shake it awake and drag it’s reluctant ass outside into the frozen tundra that is our backyard…yeah, there’s nothing like being a dawg parent!

This weekend I plan to get my sorta-beagle snuggle on…big time!

For yummification...

If you don’t know slow cookers…well, you should!  I love to toss shit into my slow cooker this time of year.  I cook on low and start a dish in the morning…and when I come home the house is full of yummy smells and resentful dawgs. 


For carnivores I recommend pot roast or stews.  Toss in a roast, some veggies, lost of spices and onion, some Worcestershire sauce and a glass of red wine…and then cook on low for at least 8 hours.

For veggie eaters…I’ve had this vegetarian chili dish and it is yumtastic! 

Hook up some corn bread and get about the bitness of eating!

Something to look forward to...

Oh, thank the gods.

The Girl Scouts are changing some names, but Thin Mints will be Thin Mints so all is right with the world.

Just the smell of Girl Scout cookies takes me back to when I was a wee bitch trying to convince my father to let me sell those fuckers at his office.

Good times...

Add friends and family to taste.

Anyhoo, whatever you do to seek comfort and warmth…do it!

Be warm, be safe and have a fantabulous weekend…


I.M. said...

Well a shake of the locks to you my dear. I hope your rainbow comes soon on the heels of your stormy week and that you know you are loved (even by those who haven't met you in person yet).

Birthday Party DJ said...

Meat eater here :)

Jen said...

YES. I don't use my slow cooker nearly as much as I should/want to, but it's definitely one of my favorite winter things.

Have you seen this blog before? It's kind of amazing. Pretty much any crockpot recipe you'd ever want to find is there. Including crazy things like pudding and creme brulee. (Really! You can make creme brulee in that thing! Awesome.)

Kelley said...

I LOVE snuggling with my three kitties, although it's more bed-based than couch-based. I have one on the pillow by my head, one curled up next to my side, and the third snuggled up in the crook of my knees! It's so sweet to feel them all purring themselves to sleep...until, of course, one of them starts snoring ;)

mr pinky said...

Yes, dogs are the best creatures! Horses, llamas, and goats can be really wonderful as well (they're in my neighborhood).

A slow cooker alternative for those of us at high altitudes is a pressure cooker-you can make a stew using tough meat and it comes out fork tender!

Your blog posts are a breath of sanity!