Tuesday, January 04, 2011

…and they’d replace it with nothing.

The New Year ushered in a bunch of health care reform coverage…and on January 12th House Republicans are likely to vote to repeal the entire health care reform law.

I woke up this morning and tuned in to Good Morning America…because I like to know what the masses are consuming as news…and the repeal was the lead story.

This isn’t a surprise.

They said they would do it…pledged to do it…and, darn tootin', they’re gonna do it!

What I found interesting about the story was something the reported said as he held up the two pages of paper drafted to erase health care reform – he said that the GOP would replace the Obama Administration’s health care reform law with nothing.

Oh my!

Now that’s precious.

My mind immediately rewound to the Great Health Care Reform War of the past couple of years…to all those speeches about how the GOP understood that health care reform needed to happen but disagreed with how President Obama wanted to do it.

They said the bill went too far…that they had a better plan…they even stood before the American people and presented their own plan to reform health care.

But that was then.

This is now.

And they would replace the health care reform law with nothing.


And, if this repeal dies in the Senate, the GOP will seek to starve health care reform to death.

The only question will be what important thing the GOP intends to hold hostage in exchange for Senate approval of a budget that defunds health care reform programs…programs that the GOP plans to replace with nothing.

Pause…sip coffee…continue.

The best part?

They’re using a special exemption so that they can repeal the bill without addressing the fact that repealing the bill will add to the deficit…that same deficit they claimed the bill would add billions to.  This move begs the question – why would they not want to use repeal of the health care reform bill to prove that they are right?

***cue crickets***


If this is an example of how easy it is for Boehner Republicans to hoodwink and bamboozle the anti-spending, let’s hold government accountable for every dollar, newly elected Tea Partiers…well, it’s gonna be a festival of sorta-undercover pork feasting on the Hill in 2011.



J said...

The Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 houses The Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2009 (SAFRA) (H.R. 3221) which allows increases in the number of Pell Grants awarded and assures increases in the amount of the Grants based on the annual Consumer Price Index.

Repeal of the Healthcare Reform Act(s) would accomplish eliminating this "spending" on Education, correct?

The very "spending" on Education that is affording myself and my son to continue our higher Education in order to get jobs and further our career paths.

Republicans will not only add to the budget deficit, they want to cut "spending" on Healthcare and Education in order to further increase joblessness, homelessness and destroy the economy.

If they succeed in repealing this law and holding education funding hostage...my son and I will not be able to afford to continue with college.

This is all just ridiculous. Canada is lookin' better every day.

numol said...

The audacity of these people. Politicians realize that so long as they can use buzzwords and prey on fears, they can BLATANTLY not care about people and still get elected and re-elected. Ugh.

Thanks for giving me the OK to link your "wisdom through the awful grace of God" post -- is it okay if I link this one, too? (I kinda dropped out of reality for awhile and missed a lot, and now that I'm trying to catch up I figure I might as well do a linkspam or two.)

Shark-Fu said...

Yep - link away!

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