Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ooooh, Delaware…

Let’s jump right on in, shall we?

A bitch just caught up on the political primary happenings and…well, it looks like there’s been a shake-up on the right side of the room!

The national GOP had backed Castle and they and their minions, including Head Minion in Charge Karl Rove, are pissed off!

Pause…rub hands together…continue.

Some thoughts...

Delaware has a better Tea Party than we do here in Missouri.

Catch the knee – a bitch isn’t saying the Tea Party is a good thing, but if you’ve got to have a political party that positions itself to the right of Joe McCarthy then they ought to be for real about that shit.   

The Delaware Don’t Tread On Me-ers make our Missouri Tea Ravers look like cheerleaders for the Republican status quo! 

Delaware kept it real…they got national tea adorers to come on down and back their candidate…and they forced the GOP to denounce their candidate so thoroughly that they can’t now pivot and back her because then they’d look like the win at any costs power hungry assholes that they are.

Brilliant move...classic purge-ification…they need to start making This is What a Political Shake Up Looks Like t-shirts!

More thoughts...

Now that the party of tea has taken down a GOP establishment backed candidate and turned the page on Rovian politics, isn’t it ‘bout time for candidates like O’Donnell to stop talking about the GOP as if they are still part of that party?

‘Tis subtle, but it matters.

O’Donnell has a habit of saying “our” and “we” and so forth…but um, the GOP publicly stated that they don’t want her on their kickball team, will never pick her for their kickball team and would rather forfeit the game than have her on their kickball team – take off the jersey, Christine officially form your own team!

***please, pretty pretty PLEASE...rubs hands together again***

Back to the fact that Delaware has better Tea Party people than Missouri– just look at how O’Donnell got up in the face of Rove after he tried to diss her after she defeated his homeboy!

Rove said…
“Why did she mislead voters about her college education? How come it took nearly two decades to pay her college bills so she could get her college degree? How did she make a living? Why did she sue a well-known…conservative think tank?”

Translation - no way in HELL she gets on our kickball team!


So then O’Donnell said…
“I was ahead in the general election according to Rasmussen, before this Republican cannibalism started.” … “So if they were serious about winning we can repair the damage done and move forward and that's the challenge I put out to them. And if not I truly believe that we can win.”

Translation – I think you betta recognize, son!

Fascinating...and the complete opposite reaction to the Missouri party of tea's reaction when establishment candidate Blunt defeated their guy in our primary.

Anyhoo, a bitch is far more interested in this comment from O’Donnell…

“When Governor Palin stood up and so boldly made a statement that she supported me it allowed them to get past the politics of personal destruction, to look at the message…she helped to bring it back on track.”

Pause…sip coffeee…continue.

First Alaska…now Delaware…is Sarah Palin doing a gut rehab on the GOP one red state at a time?

Has she…wait for it…gone rogue?!?


More on that latter today.

Final thought...

This shit just got interesting.

'Tis a conservative showdown…and whoever blinks fist loses.

And damn it all to hell if it doesn't look like the GOP is currently holding their eyelids open with duct tape!


Jack Crow said...

minor note: Christine O'Donnell

Shark-Fu said...



J said...

It's amazing. Why would Palin back someone from the party of tea that looks and acts JUST LIKE HER?! It's puke inducing in my opinion.

Shark-Fu said...

After looking at O'Donnell's poll numbers and factoring in Delaware's tendency to go moderate when faced with a conservative option, this is looking better and better. GOP may have just lost their chance to take the Senate...but a lot of shit can happen between now and election day.

She does favor Palin, though...

BreukelensFinest said...

a hot mess. sometimes i wonder how americans can be so easily fooled

Jaelithe said...

This is just what I was also thinking -- Delaware's Tea Party makes the St. Louis Tea Party look like the opportunistic shills they are.

If they had any gonads the local party of tea would have organized to run a 3rd party spoiler against Blunt.

Unknown said...

This whackjob is down by double digits. I don't care if they raise two million bucks...90% of her money is from out of the broad is gonna lose..and lose big.

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