Friday, September 10, 2010

What, what…?

That preacher in Florida’s commitment to calling down fubar boggles the mind!

He and his Islam hating church went from planning to burn the Koran on September 11…to not planning to burn the Koran ‘cause they thought they'd extorted a deal from the NYC mosque building people…to maybe still planning to burn the Koran - they’re not sure but they’ll let us know ‘cause their deal may not have been a deal so the bonfire may or may not be off.

Lawd, have mercy.

No really...mercy!!!

This preacher is more than an asshole…he and his followers are assholes with power.

And he seems to be confused his damn self…because he thinks he struck a deal with the person or people planning to build a mosque in New York but the person or people who are planning to build that facility deny that a conversation took place, so now I’m left thinking that this preacher is either hearing voices or flat out lied about having struck that deal.

And if he lied about the deal…or even if he’s hearing voices…

Fuck it, this situation makes my Afro hurt!


Now folks are feeling uncertain and anxious because of the actions and planned future actions of a religious zealot and his small band of followers.



J said...

When the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of State have to issue travel warnings to all U.S. Citizens worldwide because of this $6 "preacher" and his threats of action, just like they have to do when Bin Laden issues any kind of terroristic threat/statement, doesn't that tell people something? Does that not make this a, ummm, ILLEGAL?

This entire situation has me so angry I could spit fire.

Yvonne Rathbone said...

And there is still the guy in Tennessee saying he is not going to be swayed by any deals. And, service men have already been wounded in anti-Quran-burning protests in Afghanistan.

There is a FB campaign to do a mass donation to Doctors Without Borders on 9/11 in the name of Terry Jones. You can send him an email telling him you've just donated however much (can be as little as $1 - every bit helps, no I'm not being paid by MSF). You can tell him why.

Ed said...

No, Julie, it's not illegal. In fact, the Supreme Court has found actions like burning a koran or the American flag to be specifically protected under the First Amendment.

Would you like to decide exactly when to issue exceptions to the Amendment?

SouthlandDiva said...

I am still amazed how the actions of one attention-seeking religious extremist can warp the news cycle-----well, maybe I'm not. Bread and circuses. MSM is consumed with this and the community center in New York while barely bothering to do any actual investigative reporting. It's all circus. It's depressing, because I want substance not flash. I want a media that challenges people when they make false or misleading statements that are known to be false and misleading! Arrrgghh!!!

--End rant


Anonymous said...

Bottom Line: What is the point? What statement will burning the Koran really make? None! It will be an anti-climatic act. It is ridiculous and solves nothing. Why not have a day of love and peace or a day of prayer for guidance for all who do such acts as kill others? Why not go and do something that really helps someone else? There are so many things these people could do to make it a day of remembrance. They should just forget the whole Koran burning thing. I pray that they find enough peace within themselves to do something more constructive.

Unknown said...

The guy is a psycho and quite frankly the media gave him entirely too much attention. There have been other Koran burnings but you haven't heard about them have you?

Fortunately he did go through with it today, but not before the media coverage managed to inflame the Muslim world anyway.Way to go CNN FOX etc.

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