Friday, September 03, 2010

A Friday political pondering…

Shall we?

The one thing I like about Tea Ravers is that they are regular people getting active in politics. 

Catch the knee!

A bitch is all about people getting politically active.

I disagree with a lot of what our local Tea Ravers believe…and Lawd knows their party is all over the place on policy issues nationally.  But I like the idea of voters taking an active role in the political process.

Having said that, being all over the place on policy issues leaves supporters of the Tea Party vulnerable to hustles.  All a body has to do is say they are a Tea Party candidate…throw out some rhetoric while waving a Don’t Tread on Me flag…and they could become the patriot du jour overnight.

Delaware Republicans appear to fear that scenario may be going down in the state’s Senate race.

The Delaware GOP is backing Representative Mike Castle while the Tea Party is backing a certain Christine O'Donnell. 

Things are getting nasty…particularly after the Tea Party Express took out GOP incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski in Alaska.

The GOP doesn’t want to see a repeat of that shit in Delaware, so they are going all out to destroy O’Donnell…and their technique is fascinating.  Apparently the GOP is attacking O’Donnell for being…well, for being a regular citizen without political experience.

When comparing O’Donnell with Alaskan Tea Party Senate Candidate Joe Miller, a GOP member said

 "When you look at Joe Miller, he's an Ivy League graduate, a war hero and an attorney who is prominent in the community." … "We could go across the street from the apartment Christine O'Donnell rents and we probably couldn't find anyone who knows her."

Oh my!

I don’t know what I enjoy more – that the GOP is comforted by Joe Miller’s elite education or that they are freaking the fuck out because the Tea Party may get someone elected in Delaware who they have no control over.

Regardless, it looks like Delaware could drive a wedge between those who adore elephants and those who adore tea.

One party’s nightmare is another party’s platform.


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SLG said...

As much as I dislike what the tea party stands for, I am somewhat heartened by the idea of them driving the republicans back towards the land of reasonable thought.

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