Monday, September 20, 2010

Delaware wackiness and the GOP identity crisis…

Happy Monday, y’all!

Let’s jump right on in.

Just when my ass thought the Delaware Senate campaign couldn’t get any wackier news of witchcraft comes along and take that wacky shit to a whole new level.

If someone had told me that a party nominee for the United States Senate would be answering questions about claims she made years ago that she dabbled in witchcraft and had a date with a witch that involved a midnight dinner on a Satanic alter…well, umm…shit, I’d probably have said it was possible but not likely.

This is America and when it comes to politics nothing is off the table.

But damn.

I mean…damn.

The candidacy of Christine O’Donnell has officially entered the Y’all Vote for Her then You Deserve Her phase for Delaware voters.


What’s interesting about Delaware, Alaska, Kentucky and Florida is how Tea Party primary wins have thrown the GOP into a rather serious identity crisis.

This bitch understand why…’tis confusing as hell!  On one hand the Tea Party stands to the right of the GOP and blasts them for failing to uphold traditional conservative values.

On the other hand the Tea Party candidates are running on GOP tickets, which makes them more internal “reformers” than rebel outsiders.

And leaders within the GOP are struggling to resist the tempting bone of Tea Party enthusiasm for fear that they may lose their power to the upstarts who are storming the gates.

The resulting presentation is beyond strange.

In Delaware Christine O’Donnell cast a spell on primary voters, won that shit and clearly pissed off the GOP establishment.  Now she’s got them backed into a corner that forces them to support her.

In Alaska, the Tea Party candidate’s win has triggered a write-in campaign from the ousted Republican incumbent Murkowski…and who the hell knows what’s gonna happen in that race.  Odds are the unknown Democrat won’t benefit from the civil war within the GOP…but it will make things interesting.

Kentucky has been curiously quiet…a certain Rand Paul has been flying under the radar and, unless he let’s himself go during a debate, will likely maintain his low altitude until November.

And in Florida…well, Florida is being Florida – the GOP actually likes he Tea Party candidate running there, but they don’t want to be too public about that because Gawd knows they don’t want Tea Party supporters to think their anti-establishment candidate is an establishment candidate who sometimes like to drink tea. 

Meanwhile here in my home state of Missouri the GOP has successfully taken over the Tea Party and are using it as a voter mobilization tool for Mr. Establishment Roy Blunt’s run for Senate. 

Recent Tea Raver rallies in St. Louis city looked a lot like cattle being moved through chutes toward the ballot box in November…there’s lots of dust and noise, but with a little prodding the herd moves where they are guided. 

Pause…sip coffee…continue.

And while some are asking whether the Tea Party has taken over the GOP or did the GOP take over the Tea Party…

…this bitch is wondering how both of them keep cruising on without having to declare what the fuck they stand for and how the hell they’d govern.



Yvonne Rathbone said...

Oh, I heard her on the teevee. As a practicing witch, I can tell you she doesn't know what she's talking about. Witches do not go to movies. There are no picnics in witchcraft!

Oh wait, that's not right. We do all that shit.

It's *satanic altars* we don't have.

Shark-Fu said...

Fantabulous comment! I love the fact that a practicing witch just did a correction up in my comments! Go on, sister!

Anonymous said...

She is so full of shit, that O'Donnell woman.

We witches often include a sacred meal within our services. This is exactly the same symbolism as the Christian practice of communion. Sometimes it's reduced to the simple symbolism of bread and wine.

But we don't worship Satan. I mean, I suppose someone could pray to that name, but I wouldn't want the energy that all the Christians over the centuries have been dumping into that name.

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