Monday, July 19, 2010

Recovering from the previous week while preparing for the one ahead…

A bitch has been traveling and lobbying…melting in the heat and then traveling some more.

Lawd, have mercy.

Last week I attending a fantabulous public policy summit in Washington DC and then got my lobby on with Congress.

Let me tell you, it was hotter than hell on the Hill!

This bitch’s schedule was packed so I wasn’t able to get my visit on with all the folks I know in the DC area…and, after working up a serious sweat from walking about to and from meetings, I was unfit for human interaction.

But I’ll be back!

Onward to the new work week…

…and toodles until tonight!


SamWorking said...

Go Get em!!

Anonymous said...

The resignation of Mrs. Sherrod is truly sad and really inappropriate. As usual the NAACP is on the wrong side of the coin and at the root of this problem. I have found that this organization that is supposed to represent African Americans in a light that shows intelligence, proactive thinking and a beacon of hope is actually a reactionary organization that appears to be " the Johnny come lately" of news events. The NAACP of the 60's was an organization that fought the fight that needed fighting. They worked to eliminate discrimination, to deter violence against blacks and to work toward bettering the educational opportunities of all citizens. While there may have been internal struggles for power it never superseded the need of the masses. Today’s version of the NAACP is a power struggle of who has the best title, the best invitations to the best events and my toys are bigger than yours.

How dare they now render a retraction that is basically “ooops my bag" didn’t view the whole thing, kind of got side tracked. This half-ass management is something that they are becoming known for. They don’t get into the trenches because the trenches are too dirty. They are filled with the dirt of teen pregnancies, youth on youth crime, poor education systems, Tea party against OUR president, unemployment of African Americans, limited access to much needed resources, and many more. The trenches are really dirty and the NAACP seems too good to get in wonder their numbers are failing.

So who do they represent, because it is not me, I am an African American female, educated, homeowner, democrat, who is tired of this organization perpetrating itself as a beacon for blacks. It does not represent my friends who are all great thinks, business owners and proactive blacks out there trying to make their money and help others. They do not represent the poor, undereducated person who is trying to go back to school or learn a trade; they do not represent the college student who is attempting to be the first college graduate in their family.

I think the NAACP should re-evaluate who and what they stand for and they need to take a look at their population of constituents and then they need to look at the man in the mirror because looking in and looking out is not a mirror but a one way ticket to nowhere.....

William Edward Merritt, III

My beloved brother, William Edward Merritt, III, died from COVID-19 on August 26, 2021. "Last year, he contracted COVID and survived. D...