Wednesday, July 07, 2010


My beloved St. Louis Blues have finally officially signed our new goalie Jaroslav Halak!


I had a feeling some shit was going to go down yesterday.

This bitch had jury duty, so I parked at Scott Trade (home of the Blues)…where I noticed a section of the parking lot reserved for hockey personnel only packed with cars.  I had to delay my jury duty for a month (going out of town today), so when I got back to the parking lot it was still rather early and…well, there were even more cars in the hockey personnel section and a certain buzz in the air.

Sure as flies on shit, the Blues got their contract signing on yesterday afternoon.

Cam Janssen for one year…Carlo Colaiacovo for a two-year deal…and former Habs goalie now official Blues netminder Jaro Halak for four years of Blues hockey!


A tip of the Afro to all the Jerry Maguire’s involved in getting ink on paper…

…and a bitch is thanking the hockey gods we didn’t put our shit on hold to participate in The Great Kovalchuk Frenzification of 2010.


Susannah said...

congratulations! I do love that I can get my hockey and my justice on in one location. Halak is a steal!

Rileysdtr said...

Good for the Blues to dive in deep, but I thought Halak needed a bit more "history" to garner that 4-year deal. His playoffs run was freakin' awesome but - like Niemi - he has the typical flaws of a young butterfly goalie... goes down too early and exposes his entire high glove side. Les Habs' insane shot blocking was part of his overall success.

And yes, this is totally Sour Grapes as a Central Division rival lands the hot young stud goalie. Now go find yourselves a big 3rd line center and we'll talk!

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