Monday, July 05, 2010

Happy birthday to my brother Bill!

Today is July 5, 2010…and my older brother Bill is 40 years old.



Lawd, have mercy…we’re 40!

I say that we are 40 because my siblings and I are so close in age that their milestone birthdays feel like teaser ads for my own ass.


Anyhoo, today my brother Bill is 40 years old.

He’s at a post-brunch visit to The St. Louis Zoo and the gods graced us with a fantabulously beautiful day to be out and about.


Happy birthday to the best older brother a bitch could ask for!


Unknown said...

their milestone birthdays feel like teaser ads for my own ass. I know that feeling as my extremist,rightwing,religious fanatic bro is only 11 months younger than I.

Happy Birthday Bill!!!!!

I love this post are a wonderful human being whom I really love and admire!

Rileysdtr said...

Well Happy Birthday to Brother Bill - 40 us a great age and I hope he owns it and wears it well.

Anonymous said...

We don't look a day over 29! Bill took actual 40 in stride. I will not be that mature or mellow about it.


Laura in L.A. said...

Happy 40th Birthday to dear brother Bill! Glad he had a fun day. The 40's are really pretty good, I've found! :):)

Love, Laura

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