Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Laura Ingraham was on the Today Show this morning…

I can’t remember if I’ve ever written about Laura Ingraham before and it has been forever and a day since I’ve posted anything Today Show related, but…well, this bitch caught Ingraham on the first half hour of the Today Show this morning and I’ve just got to share my thoughts.

A bitch’s first thought after viewing Laura Ingraham’s appearance on the Today Show this morning…

Girlfriend looks good.

Seriously, Ms. Thang has a happy as hell glow about her that can only mean that a Democratic administration has shat the bed!

Ingraham had her hair did…her arms exposed in a curious sleeveless fashion nod to Ann Coulter of the my arms shall always be bare Coulters…and her “I’m a Christian, damn it!!” gold cross necklace was gleaming.

Nicely done, Laura.

A bitch’s second thought after viewing Laura Ingraham’s appearance on the Today Show this morning…

Someone should have skipped that extra cup of coffee in the Green Room.

Confession – I don’t listen to Ingraham on the radio so I’m not familiar with her broadcast style, but she was firing off rambling what-nots on fast-forward this morning.  I half expected Matt Lauer to pour cold water on her to prevent spontaneous combustion!

A bitch’s final thought after viewing Laura Ingraham’s appearance on the Today Show this morning…

I get that the Today Show has signed some sort of deal with Satan that they will conduct interviews with conservatives about their tired ass books in exchange for a cease fire in the war on Matt Lauer’s hairline…but damn.

From what I was able to grasp…and I’ll confess that Laura was talking so fast I only caught every third word out of her sanctified mouth…the book is some sort of fantasy exploration of the Obama Administration through faux diary entries.

So, why the fuck was she channeling Vince from those Shamwow commercials to pitch that shit?

A bitch wonders if Laura refused to stop talking...or take a damn breath...for fear of having to actually talk about the book.

***cue crickets***



libhom said...

NBC is owned by GE, a war profiteering corporation. So, I am not surprised that they are giving so much air time to extreme rightists like her.

brian said...

She dicussed Obama's mother-in-law, which was code speech. What does Mrs. Robinson have to do with policy?
The Today show has lost what little credibility it had pushing its agenda.
I am giving up morning television.NBC is biased, ABC is a poor imitation of People Mag, and CBS is a joke.
I guess it's music from now on.

Shark-Fu said...

NPR, my friends...NPR.

TruthSmidgen said...

Shark-fu, I'm now wishing I could watch all television through your eyes. Because, before reading this post, the thought of watching or listening to Laura Ingraham gave me heartburn, diarrhea, itching and bouts of uncontrolled anger. But, this post gave me the giggles.

NancyP said...

Laura Ingraham is on FM 97.1 KHotAir St. Louis in the 8 to 10 AM slot, I believe. She rambles on her radio show, not surprisingly.

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