Tuesday, March 30, 2010

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Militia groups are like roaches…
Most of the media has responded to the FBI’s raid of a Christian Identity militia group by hyper-focusing on that group. That doesn’t make a hell of a lot of sense since these militia groups are like roaches - if there’s one militia group plotting to kill law enforcement officers in a freakish attempt to realize Charles Manson’s dream of a Helter Skelter destruction of civilization out of which these freaks expect to emerge triumphant and rule the world, you can bet your ass there’s another militia group plotting to kill law enforcement officers in a freakish attempt to realize Charles Manson’s dream of a Helter Skelter destruction of civilization out of which these freaks expect to emerge triumphant and rule the world.

Dear mainstream media people, please reach waaaaay back into your memory banks…to when a lot of you pandered to the right and turned your broadcasts and publications into a platform for the GOP to dismiss a certain Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano’s defense of a report citing that…wait for it!..Federal and local law enforcement needed to be on guard for an increase of anti-government Christian Identity racist militia groups following this nation’s election of our first president of color. You there yet? ‘Cause that’s where you mainstream media people need to start when reporting on this shit…not at the point of the raid, as if there’s one group with one plot out there that caught everyone by surprise.


This is our justice system. This is our justice system on privilege.
A certain James "Vertitas" O’Keefe has cashed in like only a straight white man in service to The Man can…and walked away from his public display of a Watergate fetish with a oh so gentle slap on the wrist.

‘Tis more of a caress on the wrist, really.


This has all happened before.

This will all happen again.

The GOP, bondage, why strip clubs receipts don’t post the club’s name and who knew there was a club inspired by the movie Eyes Wide Shut?
It appears that someone either has an unfortunate honesty fetish…or is a complete dumb ass…and submitted an expense report to the GOP for expenses racked up at an adult club that’s been described as being based on the movie Eyes Wide Shut. A bitch can’t decide what’s more ridiculous – that someone submitted that freakishly honest expense report or that the GOP paid it.


Or maybe that club is the only strip club in America that actually puts their real club name on their receipts…doesn't matter, that shit is still ridiculous.

Actually, the only thing a bitch is surprised about is that someone was “inspired” by Eyes Wide Shut…

…or is there a director’s cut out there featuring the sexual tension that was MIA from the original film?



JT said...

I was incredibly disappointed in my country when that Homeland Security report was released.

Not at all because of the content, but the reaction it elicited. The document is 9 pages. We aren't talking about HCR where determining if someone is lying about what is contained within the document takes hours if not days of reading.

No. Nine. It doesn't matter that the report of right wing groups trying to recruit veterans was a historically accurate fact based upon this country's experience with the first time we invaded the gulf and eventually brought back young men and women to a broken system of support. No. The people of this country would rather take their direction from a bloated lying windbag than read.

As for the other story, a lot like the Catholic church sexually abusing children, Republicans being smut loving hypocrites no longer elicits any shock. Why can't we all just admit that we loves us some debauchery, stop lying about it, stop demonizing it and move on?

Anonymous said...

"chickens coming home to roost never did make me sad; they've always made me glad."
Malcolm X.
Ok Rethugs: how are you going to spin this? You had a melt down when the report came out and now it turns out they were right!That's great that the FBI jumped on this so fast, but methinks if it had been anyone else but law enforcement that was the target, like say Doctors who provide abortions, or Neo Nazis, I don't think the response would have been so intense. Color me cynical. Speaking of cynical : I'm not surprised that the eminently punchable douchebag that is James"fuck face" O'Keefe escapes what he had coming to him.

Unknown said...

My biggest fear is still that Obama will be assassinated by one of the extreme rightwing nutters.

On the RNC...is anyone really surprised?

Great rant Shark Fu. ;)

Anonymous said...

JT- you know why people can't just move on? Because Repubs are always preaching and on their soap boxes about family values and are always throwing those values out the window. We all know that we love debauchery and they know they love debauchery but they want to pretend it doesn't exist and they don't participate. It is they who need to stop lying, stop demonizing and pretending, and move on.

Anonymous said...

Militia groups are far and wide in this country. I wish the media would not give them so much air time. They are an interesting study in fear though. These are humans who are really frightened and don't know how to channel that fear so they turn to violence. I don't know what they thought killing the police would do but then again, I am not in their minds. I hope they can work their way out of their deception. Violence will not bring about good.
Five things those who are frustrated with the situation in the country can do instead of turning violent are:
1. vote
2. volunteer in their community and help someone else
3. run for office
4. write to their congress folk
5. be the change they want

dinthebeast said...

When I first read about the Hutarees and their plans, I thought hmm, that sounds a lot like the race war that Manson was planning... So mostly thank you for posting about it, because being the only one remembering that shit was starting to make me feel really old. I'm not even fifty yet, dammit!

-Doug in Oakland

SLM said...

Well, when you first wrote of this I said this very shit would happen. I believe I also said I would be surprised if it DIDN'T happen. Once again, IOKIYAR

SLM said...

Btw, while you're at it, check out the new language of the right making the rounds. It's called Teabonics. http://www.flickr.com/photos/pargon/sets/72157623594187379/
You will bust up laughing.

Colonel de Guerlass said...

I ones country, militia and fascistoid groups are very annoying at a given time, but we have former fascists (broke semitic or -incl- communist skulls, stole cars, waterboarded "traitors" in the centre of Paris) who became ministers and try to look respectable cf
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Occident_(movement) .
As it is 50 yrs later (I knew their successors -GUD-, but I found they were real, alcoolic nuisances) and in another country, it might be funnier than local, todays ones...

Unknown said...

A coworker of mine had the valid ponderment of "How come no one is calling these white Christian guys TURRISTS?"

Funnily enough, Eyes Wide Shut was a great movie about entitlement and privilege (imo), not sex.

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