Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The best defense is a “holy shit, where did all these pro-choice voters come from?!?” offense...

Tea Bag Party people and whatever the hell group Sarah Palin represents are up in arms, fired up and planning to get their campaign on.


Well, if the pundits are to be believed ‘tis because of the passage of health care reform. But a bitch is going to call bullshit on that – these people don’t like ANYTHING generated from the Obama administration and health care reform is just the latest item on that long list.

Catch the knee, I’m not saying that there aren’t valid critiques of the health care reform bill – I’m saying that these motherfuckers aren’t making them.

Unfortunately for Republicans, they will have to campaign with these Tea Bag Party people and whatever the hell group Sarah Palin represents…and one should not underestimate the path to fubar that represents.

The GOP must balance playing up the anger out there…and they usually do a good job when they can campaign against something…but they are going to have to walk a very tin line between anger and spitting on people of color after using racial slurs.

That shit ain’t easy! Hell, a perfectly planned event can turn into a shit storm in seconds when anger is also in attendance. Just imagine it – you’ve got an angry crowd of people who are fully prepared to vote against anything so you don’t even have to stand for something and then some asshole you were assured would give a solid “Let’s meet ‘em at the state line” war of northern aggression speech let’s a macaca slip out and you end up spending a week trying to spin that only a small portion of your supporters are ig’nant bigots. That shit may turn on the base, but it turns off independents who like to think they are color blind and who are desperately trying to convince themselves that their never ending doubt of a black man in power isn’t actually a never ending doubt of a black man in power.

Pause…sip coffee…continue.

Anyhoo, this shit is going to be one wild ride…

…and this bitch happens to think pro-choicers shouldn’t spend it on the defensive.

Walk with me a moment.

For every action there needs to be a reaction.

Some people are saying that the reason health care reform was so hard to pass is because Democrats were burdened by their party’s support of reproductive choice.

Those people are wrong.

The reason health care reform was so hard to pass…the reason many progressive policy elements were removed…the reason women were thrown under the bus…the reason is because the Democratic Party is burdened by conservative anti-choice Dems.

I’ll repeat – the Democratic Party is burdened by anti-choice, Blue Dawg, lower case “d”, liberal Republicans in Democratic clothing and they must go.

And I don’t want to hear any shit about how we’re going to have to go out there and defend these assholes that gleefully sold women out for a pat on the head from their Bishop.

Reproductive justice activists have been re-energized by the health care reform fight and we need to take it to another level, put our organizing skills to work and identify real progressives to replace the freaks currently holding office.

The best defense is a “holy shit, where did all these pro-choice voters come from?!?” offense.

So, when the opposition says bring it on…

…we need to bring it, hard.

I suggest that we begin with Michigan’s 1st Congressional District and build from there.

Let’s do work!


Landlady of Fat said...

I'm gonna have to agree with you there. The days of me voting only in Presidential elections are gone.

And that is also the truth for everyone I know. I am gonna badger those people.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, hell ya, and an amen.

I am so sick of letting the extremist minority frame the debate. Most of the country is not anti-choice. All we have to do is start blasting abstinence only education, and all those conservatives who fought contraception coverage (remember the outrage over condoms?) and Planned Parenthood funding. I think the population is smart enough to understand less unplanned pregnancy = less abortion.

And, it's getting harder and harder for the tea baggers and their macaca spouting "you lie" team to hide that they aren't FOR anything, and the main things they are against: "debt! deficit! guv'ment!" only became a concern to them when a black man became commander in chief.

David said...

While I live in the 3rd district just south of 1st, as a Michigander I was -and still am- sick and tired of Stupak's anti-choice arrogance. I encourage the left to take Stupak's seat and then some!

Anonymous said...

yep, i completely agree. i haven't voted in years, but I filled out my registration on monday, and made a donation to Connie's campaign.

IseultTheIdle said...

Thank you.

While they're all frothing and foaming on the other side of the aisle is the perfect time to push forward.

Anonymous said...

What people are not seeing is that this whole thing for the "Rep. party" and the "Tea Baggers" are about something. They are about raising funds and they are using all this pretend opposition to everything to fill their money chests. If people can not see that health care really needed reforming, then they are truly lost. The Reps. know folks are lost and are using that. They are evil and yes they, and the Dems who are really Reps need to go.This argument over health care and abortion has been the stupidest thing I have seen. It's downright idiotic!
But Obama is so much more on the ball than they are. With each obstacle he just keeps communicating his ideas. This guy is a lot stronger and a lot more astute than I could have imagined. It is inspiring to see him work.

Raej said...

Amen, amen and amen again: If you don't act like a Dem you aren't, no matter what you call yourself. And being anti-choice isn't acting like a Dem. Boom.

flamingbanjo said...

Yes, the Blue Dogs and the Liebermans were a huge obstacle. But to my eye, the biggest obstacle to substantive reform remains the role of lobbying and campaign donations in American politics. The insurance lobby successfully killed the very popular Public Option simply by purchasing votes on both sides of the aisle. Congressional "moderates" signed off on a bill that forces everybody to buy private insurance, in spite of their constituents telling them by wide margins that they wanted the choice of a government-administered plan.

The Teabaggers merely provided cover for this. While they represent a sliver of the electorate, their antics dominated the news to such an extent that bought-and-paid-for politicians could claim to be moderating their calls for reform on the basis of public outcry, and not due to the fact that they had just cashed million dollar checks from insurance companies.

Prince Todd said...

I am 100% agreement with you. This is not about the President's agenda so much as it is his skin color.
The Republican party has effectively alienated everyone who is not white, heterosexual, and Christian.

brian said...

Voters should be made to understand, electing Obama was just the beginning of a continuing vigilance to progress. Now that we are moving forward, we must not retreat. Everyone who voted in November must know that this November is the REAL deal! We need to repudiate FOX et al. for good.

libhom said...

Healthcare reform didn't pass. This was a wealthcare bill for the HMOs, the health insurers, and their lobbyists.

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