Saturday, March 27, 2010

Missourians - Ask Your Representative to help stop discrimination!

This message is for the flock of bitchitude in Missouri...

I need y'all to Take Action Now to move equality forward and get the Missouri Nondiscrimination Act passed!

As many of you know this bitch has worked hard for LGBT equality here in my home state of Missouri.

Let me be clear - in the state of Missouri it is currently legal to fire an employee, deny housing, or deny access to public accommodations based n a person's actual of perceived sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.

That has never been, is not now and will never be right.

Now it looks like a piece of legislation that will improve the lives of thousands is on the move.


MONA, the Missouri Nondiscrimination Act (HB 1850, sponsored by Rep. Stephen Webber), will protect all Missourians by adding sexual orientation and gender identity/expression to the current Missouri Human Rights Statute. The bill will apply to employment, housing, and public accommodations.

MONA is on the legislative move and we need to step up and let our voices be heard by telling Missouri legislators that Missourians want them to pass MONA now!

Click here and Take Action NOW to Move Equality Forward in Missouri!

Tell your Representative to vote in favor of the Missouri Non-Discrimination Act NOW!

Let’s do this.


Anonymous said...

Boy, if this kind of stuff is now legal in Missouri you all are in for a big fight. I do not understand why some people think they can discriminate against others. What happened to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? It is all so weird to me.

Ashleas said...

What happened is that the Life, liberty and the happiness of other people is interfering with the life, liberty and happiness of another group of people and that second group just happens to be the people who currently have a strangle hold on this country and it's government. Sadness. Fight the good fight!

Unknown said...

I had no clue it was legal for people to discriminate like that. Every time i learn more I'm a little more disappointed in this state...

We should contact our Rep for the state house and not the U.S house, right? I doubt it'll do much good considering who my rep is but I'll give it a shot.

DFigs said...

I saw that this bill has been voted "Do Pass" by committee. I'm not sure what that means and couldn't google a meaning from it. Is that a recommendation that it be put up for a vote? I saw that it wasn't on the calendar.

I would love to get some of my classmates involved to petition state congressmen to pass this bill, if my understanding of "Do Pass" is correct.

I'm new to MO, and in the fall, when I was taking the MetroBus to school, noticed a sign that explicitly did not list sexual orientation and gender as protected classes. I'm glad that I've only been here a few months before there's been some change.

Shark-Fu said...

Great question! Yes, the bill passed out of committee and will now move on.

We hope for the best and this is a HUGE moment...I'll keep y'all posted if more action is needed.

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