Thursday, March 18, 2010

By request – the 2010 Census…

A certain Alissa sent this bitch an email asking for my thoughts on the 2010 Census…specifically, on the inclusion of the word “Negro” on the form.

You asked for it!

I read that the 2010 Census form would include the word “Negro” and I must confess that it made my Afro hurt. When I learned that the Census claims that they added “Negro” in response to people having written that shit in during the last census…well, the pain in my Afro broke records.

Here are my thoughts.

My gut tells me that some folks wrote the word “Negro” in during the last census.

Catch that knee, damn it!

The anthropologist in me understands that there are generational and socio-economic factors that may lead a person of African descent to self-select the word “Negro”.

That doesn’t mean that the United States Census should have added “Negro” in…and it sure as shit doesn’t mean that they should have added it in to a single line option that doesn’t allow people who are offended by the word to select their race separate of that word (note – I’m looking at the form right now and it lists Black, African Am., or Negro).

Pause…sip coffee…continue.

There is an option to print some other race, but since Black, African Am., or Negro is listed on page 1 as question 9 is filling in Black on the “Some other race – Print race” section under question 9 an error? Would such an error cause problems?


Obviously, a bitch is going to have to call these motherfuckers and get clarification…in writing.

Anyhoo, my major issue with the inclusion of the word “Negro” on the single line racial identity option available to people of African descent is that we’ve had over 20 years of government forms and applications without that shit being listed. I don’t care how many people write in a damn word, someone at the Census had to know that shit would piss people off...

…and that leads me to the real problem.

The inclusion of the word “Negro” on the single line racial identity option available to people of African descent is a turn off. People in my own family are talking about skipping the Census...and that’s more than just troubling.

Census data is beyond important. The reason I’m pissed off at the United States Census is because the data they collect is so damn important that it’s too damn important for those assholes to fuck this shit up this way and add a word in that could result in a measurable percent of Americans not filing this fucking form out.

And put a hold on the “not everyone is offended” or “this really isn’t a big deal” comments – I get that shit.

I’ll repeat – my problem is with the inclusion of “Negro” when it holds the potential of turning off a measurable percent of Americans. Those who prefer the word can…and, if the Census is to be believed, did fill that shit in which is an option under question 9.

What isn’t an option is for those who identify as black…like this bitch…to fill in question 9 without also selecting “Negro” because these tired ass motherfuckers put all that shit on one line, saved that doc and sent it in without another fucking thought about that shit.

So now, a bitch has to call these assholes to make sure that writing Black in when Black is listed as an option…because I really don’t feel like identifying as Black, African Am., or Negro…won’t fucked my form up…cough…when clearly they could have left that word off and whoever the hell these people of color who prefer Negro are would have written that shit in again.


…and let me be very clear about this shit…

…a bitch is going to fill out this fucking Census form.

There is too much riding on the results.

Best case – the folks who do the Census are forever getting shit for the options listed and fucked this one up because they had data from those people who wrote “Negro” in.

Worst case – this is part of a master plan to piss black folk off so we don’t fill out the form.

A bitch’s case – I won’t let a fuck up by The Man keep me from filling the census out and I’ll be damned if I reward deliberate manipulation with my lack attention.

This damn census form is gonna get filled out…

…and if AngryBlackBitch is an option listed during the next census y’all will know EXACTLY where that shit came from.



ModernSauce said...

So if enough people were to write that their race was "martian" or, gawd forbid, "honkey" the census would include that next time? Epic fail census 2010!!

Friðvin said...

txrad and I were discussing whether or not to select "married" as opposed to domestic partner since, for all intents & purposes we ARE, and would be legally if possible here in Goodhair Perryville.

But that leads me to another idea: send them a message by crossing out the word "Negro."

It's our census; we're paying for it. So as long as we're participating, we might as well send them a message while we're at it.

Anonymous said...

I hear you.
But I've been writing Black in on every form that only has African American as an option (or specifically circling "Black" if it appears on the same line) since they whipped that glitter stick of shit out years ago.

I was also miffed that only some groups were asked to qualify their ethnicity, seperate from their race.

LisaMJ said...

Maybe we should start a campaign and all of us put in Angry Black Bitch. I love it! This whole thing is pretty crazy though. Except when I see really old tv shows or movies, read Field Negro's blog, read old books, or occasionally joke with family or play cousins to say "Negro please" I haven't heard anyone use that term in my presence really in my lifetime.

IseultTheIdle said...

Maybe I'll write in "cracker" and see if I can get it on the next Census.

Or "Hillbilly (Appalachian)".

Anonymous said...

And seriously, I get why it's important to gather that information--but why is it the *only* information being collected? I remember the 1990 census that included occupation, income, hours worked, and lots of other information on race, class, gender, ethnicity, working conditions, etc. This one seems strangely focused on one and only one thing to me.

Alliyah Gallows said...

I had to do a double-take.

Hell, yes...I'm filling mine out - today, in fact - and sending it in.

But in the meantime...cue fountain of vomit.

Shark-Fu said...

Feel free to share your thoughts on this with the 2010 Census - I just did!

Call Center:
301-763-INFO (4636) or 800-923-8282

TDD: TTY users can dial 1-800-877-8339 to use the Federal Relay Service

Unknown said...

Along the lines of what IseultTheIdle said: I think it would be a hoot if we could get "cracker" and "honkey" added to the next one. Write that in, palefaces! (I write this being a honkey, myself, and realizing that this is a serious subject.)

More along the serious line: I also think that ethnicity should be a separate category from race. Restricting the ethnic breakdown to certain skin colors (as babypowerdyke notes) is missing the point a bit (particularly to someone from Latin America.)

Jess H said...

I havent gotten my census form yet.. ive been hearing this backlash about the choice to add "negro" on it.. the first thing i did was laugh and go "no way. they would NOT put "negro" on anything in 2010". but after hearing all the complaints.. its true sadly... the only real thing this makes me think is how damn backwards are we going to get? REALLY?! NEGRO?? IN 2010?!

I'm not sure about filling out my census form (and yeah im black). mostly because im black, i live in Small Town, Oregon, my son is half native american, and my fiancee is european and not even a US citizen.

i do hope though that this "negro" thing doesnt carry on, and maybe i will fill mine out with a big X over the word.

Also i would love to see "hillbilly" on the next one. hahahaha.

roslynholcomb said...

Just completed mine and sent it back. Had no problem with the inclusion of the word Negro. My mama called herself Negro until the day she died. Didn't like black and wouldn't use it. Some folk don't like African American, should they ignore the census because it's on the list too? Folk will find any excuse, if it doesn't apply to you keep it moving.

Zrzuce said...

My husband and I are having our own Census 2010 issue. We are married CA, but our marriage is not recognized in TN. We're in disagreement over whether to list ourselves as married or as unmarried partners. Yes, we are married in 6 states and DC, but not where we live. The Census needs to get up with the times!

Anonymous said...

The only thing that really matters is that we are all of the human race. Whenever they have race on a form I put human, end of story.

PhoenixRising said...

I'm writing in 'Hillbilly' for me, 'Greco-Hibernian' for the lovely wife and 'Unknown: Brown-NOS (not otherwise specified)' for the kid.

We'll see what they add for 2020--when we'd expect to be seen clearly.

And they can kiss my redneck grits. Knee-grow? In this day and age? On a gummit form?

Anonymous said...

Right on Shark-Fu! When I heard this was on the Census, I was so mad. And I know someone who WORKS for the Census that TOLD them it wasn't a good idea, and they did it ANYWAY. Now, this individual could NOT have been the only one who objected (I hope)....

Well, they will be hearing from me. And from all of my other friends who are pissed off about this.

Elayne said...

Christina said: "I get why it's important to gather that information--but why is it the *only* information being collected? I remember the 1990 census that included occupation, income, hours worked, and lots of other information on race, class, gender, ethnicity, working conditions, etc. This one seems strangely focused on one and only one thing to me."

When I got the 2000 census, it had several pages and asked all that stuff - hours worked, how did I GET to work, how many rooms in my house, all kinds of stuff. And you know I love filling out forms, so I delightedly filled it all out and sent it in. Then moved. Coupla weeks later, census worker came to the door and said I hadn't filled out my census form. I said I had, but I had been at thus-and-such address when I did. He said he needed me to fill out another one, associated with *this* address, so I started doing finger warmup exercises. To my disappointment, the form he requested I fill out was only one page long, and only had a few generic questions on it.

Short version: There are two forms that go out every year. IIRC, about 1 in 10 people can expect to get the "long form" which goes into all the detail; everyone else just gets the short form. It's supposedly 100% random.

However, get this: This year, I got TWO census forms - one long and one short, both for the same address. I'm filling them both out, but I'll bet $50 someone shows up and says I didn't return it... (And can I put AngryBlackBitch if I am, in fact, an angry white bitch? "A-B-B" rolls off the tongue so much more readily than does "A-W-B.")

Anonymous said...

What if we just had a non racial BITCH gender class on the census? That way all bitches could register as bitches.

trotsky said...

You can always use wite-out on the N-word, no?

Anonymous said...

Anything to gripe about, huh? I wonder what Obama chose on his form.

Anonymous said...

Just to be clear: they didn't re-add the term "Negro" to 2010 Census form, it's been there since 1950, and has never been removed. 1940 and before it was simply "Color or Race" as a fill in the blank question. Not condoning it, just clarifying some bad information out there.

This Guy said...

Lets face it, The word negro would not be used on the census unless African Americans would not refer to themselves as such. Why do people continue to blame the government officials or some "White Cracker" as in your terms, The majority of racial slurs being thrown at African Americans are from African Americans. So Deal with it, It isn' a racial thing. Look at your culture!

Shark-Fu said...

This Guy...

Well, son...since I am Black and have been Black since birth, I think I may just know a little bit more about my culture than you do.

Breaking news - I don't greet fellow Black people by saying "What's up, Negro?"

What some Black people do isn't what all Black people do nor is it what the majority of Black people do, which would make it a cultural norm.

Breaking news part 2 - Black people didn't invent racial slurs, asshole...that's why they are slurs.

If we had invented that shit, racists wouldn't use it because..wait for it...those words wouldn't be insulting, threatening or upsetting.

Lawd, have mercy...if you're going to dismiss an argument, put some effort into it!

My Gawd, man...all you had to say was that the Census has stated that they included "Negro" on the form because folks wrote it in and leave it at that. I'll grant you that isn't a strong argument, since I conceded that in my post and since it doesn't pass the smell test when one considers the multitude of terms the Census won't add to the form no matter how many people write them in, but that's the come-back.

But I get aren't defending the Census, not really. You're trying to dismiss racial things, right?


Nice try, This get thee gone.

inchirieri apartamente cluj said...

I like the way you write about these motherfuckers and a totaly agree when you say "Catch that knee, damn it!" :)))

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