Friday, November 13, 2009

Sarah Palin gets her book tour on…

Sarah Palin’s got a book coming out and she’s already hitting the road…starting, I believe with a stop at Oprah’s studio.


Let’s jump right on in, shall we?

Unlike the folks at Good Morning America, this bitch is not at all interested in the tawdry details of Palin’s political life or her American story.

I’ll give credit where credit is due, though. Team Rogue managed to toss so much drama and so many attacks in a book pulled together faster than a good shift change at a hockey game that they may actually get through the high profile Oprah and Barbara Walter’s interviews without having to talk about...wait for it...politics!

Oh, that’s good.

That’s real good.

Full disclosure - a bitch hasn’t seen the entire Oprah interview…just the clips that have been released to stir shit and ramp up interest for the apparent McCain-Palin dish in the novel...err,, book-like publication.

I hope I’m wrong.

I sincerely hope that Oprah asked Palin about some of the shit she said while campaigning against Oprah’s candidate of choice, President Obama.

And I’ve got my fingers crossed that she asked her some policy questions too…and no, I'm not talking about asking her if she reads newspapers.

Oprah must have…I mean, c’mon…if she didn’t ask some policy questions to clarify where Palin stands on covering the cost of medical visits when a person is dying and the family needs to discuss hospice care etc...well, then Palin would be insulted as hell right?

If Sarah Palin finished all these high profile and BIG name interviews without being asked about her policy position on the wars, energy conservation, the environment, the separation of church and state, reproductive justice, immigration reform, health care reform, tax reform, feminism, LGBT equality, Medicare or international diplomacy…cough…she’s gonna feel robbed, right?

Team Rogue would be firing off press releases complaining about the lack of respect being shown to the former GOP Vice Presidential candidate...right?

‘Cause Ms. Palin’s in the bitness of empowering America through rougue-powered political change!

***cue crickets***




A bitch suspects that Team Rogue is banking on a nice war of words with former McCain aides coupled with the power of personality to keep those pesky issues at bay...but I'm willing to be proven wrong.

Fuck, how many books can a body sell fueled by speculation over what she was wearing, who said what about her daughter and oooh, her new hair?!?



DEO said...

Since when is going ROGUE a good thing?
Tell Couric that Sarah doesn't read the dictionary either.

Jason said...

The one cool thing about Sarah, she's such a clueless fool that she damages her fellow knuckle-draggers more than the opposition. She was the one who pushed the GOP to do the Stalin-purge thing with Scozzafava in the NY-23 District, replacing a winning Republican with some right-wing dope without a clue about the district and ensuring it went Democratic for the first time since 1854. Now she's unloading all her barrels against McCain and the few other Republican who still retain an iota of good sense (although that's being generous). A true gift to our side.

Wildflower said...

Obviously, one can sell a lot a books to one's fellow dimwitted right wingers.

I think Palin is all about the money at this point.

Cosmic Navel Lint said...

'A "Palindrome" is a stadium that looks the same both ways... completely empty.'

British Comedian, Peter Serafinowicz, Twitter

wynsters the tigress said...

sarah palin really doesn't need any more attention than she is already getting. i will not be paying her any mind and will continue to roll my eyes at any mention of her.

Stella said...

I'm with wynsters on this mother. Every mention of her name brings a prayer that she will notice that child she thinks of as a prop, and begin to give him the attention that he really needs.

Hammer said...

I think it's going to be a 'fluff' piece. I just watched the preview. . .it seems like Oprah was trying to make her a victim or some shit. . .misrepresented by Couric, told what to wear from the Reps.

I hope that I too am wrong.

doreen konop said...

we can all roll our eyes and walk over what she says , but if we really start to listen and see her attempts to have god at her center. i for one would rather be in her corner no matter what she was doing.

Shark-Fu said...

Maybe that's the difference, Doreen...I prefer to be in God's corner than stand with a woman who, despite her press, has done little to lead in faith by example.

Maybe if she'd actually DONE some of the advocacy she said she was going to do on behalf of children and adults with developmental disabilities...maybe if she spoke of feeding the hungry in her home state and encouraged others to give of themselves...maybe if she spent half as much time talking about embracing peace as she does about embracing war...maybe then I'd give her a pass on her current tour of self indulgence.

But I'd still stand by God over the former half-term Governor from Alaska.

'Tis a sad commentary on this nation when fools seek inspiration from other fools...

Anonymous said...

Jason: I live in District 23, and now Hoffman is saying that the votes were tampered with, Acorn style. Jesus.
I was so relieved when Owens won.
Next year the seat comes up again,and hopefully Owens will win again.

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