Friday, September 25, 2009

Regarding the Belleville bus attack incident…

Several readers have asked for my thoughts on the recent beating of a student on a school bus in Belleville Illinois. Contrary to popular belief, this bitch does research the shit I post about and it has taken me a while to research this incident.

What we know is that a student was attacked and horribly beaten on a school bus. He is white and the students caught on tape beating him are black.

A bitch admits that if the roles were reversed I’d assume that this assault was racially motivated.

Catch that knee before you hurt somebody!

I can’t speak for everyone, but the reason I come to conclusions like that is because of the history of racial violence in my community and the nation at large. One of the ramifications of society’s history of bigots attacking people is that incidents where the attacker and victim come from separate racial background are often not being given the benefit of the doubt. That’s not always accurate, but then again that's why a bitch researches the shit I post about rather than just run with my assumptions.

Pause…sip coffee…continue.

My heart goes out to this young student and his family.

I’ve been the victim of bullies. As a matter of fact, I was assaulted on a school bus when I was a wee bitch and never rode the bus to school again. I know the fear, the embarrassment and the trauma associated with being a victim…just as I know the empowerment of being a survivor. As Belleville deals with this incident and the media attention the video capturing it has stirred up, my thoughts are with the victim and my hope is that he swiftly heals mentally and physically.

When I read that white supremacist groups are planning a rally to demand a civil rights investigation into this incident I was a wee bit surprised. White supremacist groups don’t usually acknowledge that a person’s civil rights can be violated by a racially motivated beating…and, even though officials are now saying that this incident does not appear to be racially motivated, it struck me as odd for ig'nant racists to take this moment to seek justice through a mechanism they’ve spent a lot of time denouncing.

But these groups are nothing if not illogical.

My second thoughts were of the victim and his family having to deal with this shit. I can’t imagine what it must be like to have to deal with the assault, the media attention, the investigation and now a bunch of ig’nant thugs bent on making you a martyr to their fucked up from the floor up cause.

So I read this article about the family’s response on with some interest. article link warning – The St. Louis Post Dispatch articles come with comments and many of them are the very definition of racist. Read the comment section with caution…lest your blood pressure rise.

The article features a statement the family issued through their lawyer.

"(The victim's and his family) wish to make it clear that they do not support or condone any individuals or organizations which have used this unfortunate incident to promote racial bigotry and hatred."

The article went on to report… "the statement also thanked the high school, school district and area residents who have expressed support.”

I’ll add my support from across the river and my promise to continue to work to address violence in our communities and schools.


L. Jackson said...

The 'easiest' solution is assume racial aggression..and stop there. Which is where the hatred starts growing...but as in your example of the white woman who confronted u at the rally & the white officer who came to your rescue..u have to look deeper as to the reasons for the behavior. I have witnessed agression on both sides towards me over the years, and find none of it easy to understand when emotions are involved. The world will never change until we are able to get pass our differences, past our history, past our emotions to see each other as bros/sisters!

Unknown said...

The irony of the white supremacists screaming racism and demanding a civil rights investigation was not lost on me.

I hope this child will heal both physically an mentally. Its the emotional wounds that will need the most help.

That Teowonna! said...

As a fellow blogger, I am asked frequently asked my opinion on hot topics. While I give it verbally, I don't always blog about them. I have to be MOVED by a situation to give of my blog space and time. But That Teowonna is loving this bitch!

libhom said...

The kind of thoughtful analysis in this blog is almost completely forbidden in the corporate media. You are showing why blogging is so important.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you ABB, this attack was not totally racial. If it was a nerdy black kid he would have got beat the say way. I also glad the parents put out a statment.

Anonymous said...

Actually, your readers should read the comments at the STL site. You'd get a flavor of what people are actually thinking (as opposed to what people frightened of being called racist dare to say.)

I didn't see much in those comments to disagree with. If you did, why not point it out specifically? Or are we all racists just for these thought crimes?

Read the comments carefully. That is the majority opinion. Think about what that means.

Shark-Fu said...

Anonymous #2...when I call you racist I'll call you a racist and there won't be any question about it.

As to the comment section of the article reflecting the majority opinion...umm, no. The St. Louis Post Dispatch wishes their readership still reflected the majority opinion of the region.

And I have thought about those comments and what they mean...but, unlike you, I find them worthy of pity rather than praise.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for posting my comment.

What exactly, in the comments on the STL site, do you take issue with? Most of them seem to hit the nail on the head.

Let me be specific.

Isn't it true that if the races were reversed, Al Sharpton and the rest of the race con men would be on the scene?

Isn't it true that the NAACP has asked for an investigation into what happened - to the ATTACKERS?

Isn't it true that intimidating and attacking people of a different race from sitting some plance on a bus is racial hatred of a most ironic kind?

Isn't it true that the victim is victimized again by being forced to say they have no animosity towards their attackers?

It is no good to just say that the comments on the STL site are vile; call one out and tell us what's wrong. Cause you know who's in the wrong here, don't you?

Shark-Fu said...

You must be new here or you'd know that I don't do that dance. As much as I'd like tempting as it often is to...that dance leads no where.

There are plenty of sites where you can find the "You people are evil!" vs "You people were evil first!" discussion that you seem to crave.

This isn't one of them.

And I feel sorry for you if you see the lack of animosity expressed by the victim toward his attackers as a further victimization.

That's a damn shame.

Unknown said...

Jesus Christ Anon..

And if your aunt had balls she would be your uncle. So fucking what?

Try dealing with the here and now.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Bravo to the family for their statements on the racist element. As a white person I feel the pain they must be feeling at having a bunch of low life ignorant racist scum use their unfortunate situation to advance their cause.
Let's see some of our community leaders use this opportunity to denounce all violence within our communities. We can't keep beating on each other when we are not our brother's enemy.

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