Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A tip of the Afro to Robert from Rolla…

A bitch has been dealing with an amazing amount of comments bent on generating a state of defensive distractitude and forcing the masses to take our eyes off the ball.

Most of them also contain some manner of rancidity and thus are not posted. Thou shalt not turn this bitch’s blog into a platform for hate!

And still others are so very off topic that a bitch doesn’t post them because hey, if I take the time to post about a thing the least a comment maker can do is generate an intellectually lazy and constitutionally inaccurate response to that specific shit.

The rest I let publish and rely upon you, the readers, to address or not address.

Anyhoo, I just finished going through my comments…and published the few out of many (I suspect 25 were from the same knavish troll…who dislikes spell check as much as she/he dislikes a bitch) that managed to disagree but not offend (okay, I published one that offended me…but that was only to explain that a bitch is tired of that bullshit…fuck it – my blog, my rules, my right to bend them!).


I clicked on the next message in my in-box and found what has got to be one of the nicest compliment-based emails I have ever read.

A certain Robert from Rolla here in Missouri wanted me to know that he appreciated my post about Senator Bond’s curious version of a town hall meeting minus the town.

Robert is a conservative…he has serious concerns about the lack of details surrounding health care reform...but he is even more concerned that his Republican Senator held an invitation only “pep rally for his friends and family.”

Robert has been reading a bitch’s blog for several years…not because he agrees with me, but because he wants to make sure he understands what some of us really believe before he disagrees or agrees with anything.


Robert from Rolla is on Medicare…and he likes it (gasp).

Robert from Rolla is uncertain about the cost and thus the benefits of health care reform…and he doesn’t like that.

Robert from Rolla represents millions of Americans who have good questions and valid concerns…who deserve to be listened to by their Congresspeople and by those of us who are activists…and who are ‘bout to give up on getting answers ‘cause they know damned well no one heard their questions in the first place.

As Robert pointed out to me, it’s kind of hard to hear from the people when you set up an event and don’t invite the people…or when you set up other events and don’t show up...or when people create chaos so that no one can hear a damned thing from anyone.

I thank Robert from Rolla for allowing me to share his frustrations and for sending a bitch an email that reminded me that there are people out there who can think for themselves, disagree without looking at talking points and quoting pundits and who are as tired of this theatrical bullshit as I am.

A tip of the Afro to you, Robert…even though we’re of a different mind on lots of things.

And let a bitch know how your campaign to be heard goes…


Unknown said...

Oh,to have an intelligent debate on the issues! Gawd, I would give my left tit to see that happen here in the good ole US of A!

The haters are overcome with..well..hate. It takes over their minds and hence..their inability to speak or write constructively, or to make a point without being so friggin nasty and personalizing it against the individual they are hating on.

Wildflower said...

Well, I like a bitch.

But since I'm something of a bitch myself, that's no big thing, just wanted to let you know you got fellow bitch fans out here.

KBO said...

Like a bitch? I LOVE a bitch. Bitch is the new black. We need a bitch blogger meetup to join forces, conjure up some unicorns, and take over the world.

bev said...

Hey Robert - good to hear intellectual, well-thought-out conservatism from my hometown rather than that fear-and-loathing-based drivel my mother still spouts. Careful, if you move over east-wise to Sodom (Kansas City being Gomorrah) you might go all blue on your bad self like I did.

Rileysdtr said...

Dusty, if you offer the right one it's much less painful to shoot a bow and arrow... don't ask how I know this.

As for intelligent debate, we - both conservative and liberal - are going to have to demand it; and be louder than the rabble. As the only democrat in my family I am used to vigorous discussion and expect it as part of the process, but prefer a modicum of intelligence in the debate. I mean - come on. "Nazi Socialist"? Really? That gives me a headache...

Anonymous said...

I love you! I love me! We love each other because we are known as a bitch.
It is so sad how many of these kids are not going to hear Obama's speech.
If I were a parent of a school aged kid and I wanted my child to learn what he said. I'd hold my own neighbor class. We have to teach them that racism does not work.
It's so sad to see the Republicans, do everything in their power, to bring down Obama.

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