Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The problem with back pedaling …

A bitch hopes that everyone had a safe and fun Labor Day holiday!

Let’s jump right on in, shall we?

This bitch woke up pondering the problem with back pedaling (many thanks to Jen...a living example of the power of a good education...for editorial assistance). Specifically, my ass is pondering the challenge currently facing those folks who publicly stated that President Obama’s speech to school chil’ren was unprecedented (it isn’t), that his homework asking students to write down how they can help the President was also without precedent (tisn’t) and that the content of the speech would be laced with subliminal socialist messages that would invade fragile young minds and convert them in 18 minutes with such intense zombified loyalty that parents would never be able to reach them again.



For public figures like Jim Greer, Florida’s GOP Chair, the back pedaling is both professional and personal. Greer has now said that the speech isn’t what he assumed it would be…and Lawd knows why he assumed it would be anything other than what it turned out to be (a bitch can only wonder if Mr. Greer’s fragile juvenile mind hadn’t already been high-jacked by those overt as hell fear mongering insults to the historical events surrounding the Revolution and the beverage of tea…blink).

Greer had said that the President of the United States was trying to "indoctrinate America's children to his socialist agenda."

Greer now says that he regrets nothing about that statement…but, having actually read the speech in question, will now let his own chil’ren watch the speech.


A bitch has got to wonder how that shit went down in the Greer house…

…because it sounded like absolute bullshit up in my couch-based area.

I mean how do you go from telling your chil’ren that the President of the United States is so dangerous that Daddy won’t let you listen to him for 18 minutes to saying “Oh, umm…well that’s not what I thought it was going to be…so, umm…cool, listen to this dude ‘cause he’s right about this one thing, but once he stops talking about staying in school you go back to hating his Muslim-communist-socialist-Cylon-Nazi-WrongOnEverythingButStayingInSchool ass, you hear.”


After this past week of "Keep that thing away from our children!!!!"-based madness, Mr. Greer has emerged as the poster pol for why we need chil’ren to stay in school and learn how to fucking think!

Regular parents who don’t have the history of not making a lick of sense that Mr. Greer does face their own back pedaling problem.

They told their kids that they weren’t going to let them listen to the President’s speech because he’s a socialist and his speech is going to be chock full of socialist propaganda.

But now that the speech has been revealed, parents must decide whether to hold firm and let their wee one’s think that staying in school and working hard is socialist propaganda and good loyal Americans must do the opposite (wince) or to greet this latest inconvenient truth with a shrug, say something along the lines of “My bad, no day off for you...get your ass on the bus!” and endure the withering glares from their chil’ren who will once again think mom or dad is out of their fucking mind.

This freakish incident of conservative over-reaction followed by absolute statements based on misplaced and tragically flawed assumptions presents a lesson plan all it’s own.

Shark-Fu's homework for the wee chil'ren...
Go home and write down why one mustn’t let thy knee fly without evidence lest one brand your own ass as an ig’nant fear-inspired fool.

Oh, and add to that the definitions for "socialist" and "communist" so that y’all can explain to Mommy and Daddy what those two things mean during the family dinner hour!



L. Jackson said...

Back pedaling they are doing! So much of the 'condemn' the O is race based that I am sick of it! Get a life & let the man try to straighten this b.s. world up...it has only been a few mons. to make a dent in years of hidden agenda brought on my others. Ppl open up your eyes/mind and stop believing every thing u hear as facts..try an open mind for a change.

J9 said...

AS unfortunate as this is, I think it is in the Right Wing nutball group's best interests to have kids not stay in school, all the better to believe everything they are selling...

Unknown said...

Right on.

Stella said...

I love it - Oh btw, honey, I'm not really as foolish as I looked then.
Great post, Shark-fu.

AOB said...

OK so let me see.....

"Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."

John F. Kennedy, President

THAT clip gets played by all manner of advertisers and wanna-bes'.

George Bush gave a speech to students and people acted crazy then. It's just a case of whose person is speaking that shows who is screaming at the top of their lungs about shit being communist or whatever else they are calling it.

It is what it is...any President addressing our children is a GOOD THING.

Unknown said...

Brava Shark Fu..Brava!!!!!!

The wingnuts are embrassing us globally. And it pisses me the fuck off.

I am tired of people seeing the US as a nation of idiots and racists, thanks to the MSM giving unfettered access to these nimrods.

Nat said...

I know I have said this before... and I don't comment much...

But I love you in that socialists and communists love each other.

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