Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pondering pacing for a marathon not a sprint...

Well, that was quite a speech!

A bitch watched the whole thing…twice. And I’ve settled on the analysis that President Obama hit a solid forehand and the ball is now in our court…well, our court with Congress as our doubles partner…and Congress has a tendency to fuck up at net, so we may need to poach.


Yes, I also witnessed a certain Representative from South Carolina’s public display of no home training.


Actually, I’m rethinking whether it was the result of his having had no home training or if he’s just been hanging out with so many town hall ruffians that he thinks shouting out inaccurate statements is how people communicate.

I feel uncomfortable blaming his parents for that shit…for all we know, the Congressman in question was impossible to train.


But odds are his verbal malfunction was the result of a combination of inadequate home training and hanging out with knaves. Either way, he single-handedly took what little life there was in the Republican response and killed that shit dead…so dead that the press can’t be bothered to reference the bland as hell and totally lacking in ideas response from Rep. Boustany (a surgeon and now the most boring Republican in America, replacing the not quite as boring but equally lacking in ideas other than the word “No!” Gov. Jindal from Louisiana too…a state that used to produce politicians with some spice).


Anyhoo, now it’s time to get to work.

I don’t think the President changed any Republican minds…but when folks show up with props and choreography (not nearly as well rehearsed as that ink stained thumb bitness from back in the day, but c’mon now) ‘tis doubtful that they are in attendance to listen to a damn thing other than for the pre-determined cue words that are supposed to trigger them to raise their prop-based legislation over their heads and wave it ‘cause they just don’t care.

But I do think President Obama reset the issue and challenged those Democrats who were holding out for fear of moving in any direction.

As I said, now it is time to get to work…time for we the people to let Congress know what we want (health care reform!) and when we want it (NOW!) …because Lawd knows the anti-reformists have had their say.

They call it a struggle for a reason.

And this race is a marathon, y’all…

…so we need to stop pacing ourselves for a sprint.

***logs off to fluff Afro and then get back to work***


L. Jackson said...

Agree, agree..especially about the boring, you-can-tell-he-didn't-listen' Dr's follow up comments as me thinks he wrote it out way ahead of

What truly is appalling to me is the disrespect shown towards this President compared to others who have been in the office. I don't remember ever reading this many vile comments coming from so many ppl before? The 'rollin' eyes, the playing w/blackberries, holding signs, etc. showed the world not one fool but many that had no class! Shaking head..this is truly a sad state of affairs.

Anonymous said...

Tell it!

IseultTheIdle said...

There's another reason no one is talking much about Boustany. It's so awkward avoiding the topic of the elephant in the living room - in this instance the elephant is his conflict of interest.

Mike said...

Beyond Olympia Snowe, I don't see any GOP Senators who could be moved to do the civilized thing. The key for the Team Obama, then, is getting dubious Dems like Senator Conrad of N.D. to get on-side with decency.

Honestly, I'm appalled by how the people of the U.S. have let their sick and uncompassionate health-care model continue for so many decades.

Friðvin said...

I don't think he changed any minds of the Blue Dog Dems either -- at least not the 2 Dem senators and 3 Dem reps in Arkansas. Which is ironic considering how many people in that state could stand to benefit greatly from a public option.

One of them (can't remember if it was Ross or Snyder) actually said he has to listen to his constituents, and not the president. Apparently he only listens to white constituents who already have their asses covered.

Word verification: "ready." Hell yes to that!

frostbite9 said...

But I'm confused. When last we spoke, you were on board for some vodka-filled viewing. And now a reasonable response? Something's fishy. And sober.

PPR_Scribe said...

The kids the President spoke to Tues showed more attentiveness, respect, and all-round "brought-upsy" than these folks.

Shark-Fu said...

Twas the day after, my friend!

And Lawd knows a bitch can handle my vodka long as a drinking game isn't involved.

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